Assessment of Tenders for North Lakes Smart Car Parking Project Completed

In Round One of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, $450,000 has been granted by the Australian Government to North Lakes for its Smart Parking project.

Read: Government Grants North Lakes $450,000 in Round One of Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

Following Moreton Bay Regional Council‘s calls for tenders for the design, installation, and operation of the system, a total of three tenders were received by the Council for the project. The tender process closed on 12 December 2017.

The tender for the North Lakes Activity Centre Smart Car Parking Trial Design, Implement, and Operate project was discussed in a coordination committee meeting held on 27 February 2018.

In the report of the coordination committee meeting endorsed to the council, officers have recommended that the contract for the project be awarded to Telstra Pty Ltd  for the sum of $479,865.80 (excluding GST).

Smart Parking Trial Area Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Tender process

Amongst the three tenders submitted to the council, Telstra was the only one who submitted a comprehensive tender. Given their relevant experience in providing the technology needed for the smart parking project, it is no surprise that they were chosen to deliver the project.

Other companies who submitted a tender but were deemed non-conforming were Frogparking Pty Ltd who was deemed non-conforming due to incomplete submission and Smarter Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (STS) who were not invited to submit a full tender following the Expression of Interest process.

Two more aspects of this project will be delivered under separate contracts to ensure the accuracy of the technology. These are the CCTV of the smart car parking spots and the establishment of a Smart City data platform.

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / chrisjmit / Pixabay

Project funding

The total value of the project as stated in the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program is $900,000 where $450,000 was granted by the Australian government and the remaining $450,000 will be co-contributed by the local government.

So far, the tender price for the project is $ 479,865.80 with contingency funds of five percent and a QLeave of $2,800.00. The total project cost is currently at $ 506,659.09. The remaining budget is set to be used for CCTV installation and the development of a Smart City Data Platform.

Benefits of the Project

Once completed, the project will improve traffic congestion associated with the introduction of pay parking at the North Lakes shopping centre. It will free up short-term parking spots, allowing residents easier access to parking for surrounding businesses. The proposed app and signage will also make it much simpler to navigate to a free parking spot.

Government Grants North Lakes $450,000 in Round One of Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

The Australian Government has announced a $450,000 grant for the Moreton Bay Regional Council to improve parking in North Lakes. The suburb will soon have digital street signage to tell drivers how many free carparks are available on each street. A smartphone app is also being developed to show a virtual map of free and occupied spaces to help give drivers real-time information. The project is expected to be completed by March 2019.

Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor has made the announcement on 14th of November. He has been joined by Luke Howarth MP, Federal Member for Petrie and Councillor Julie Greer from Moreton Bay Regional Council in making the announcement.

“The Smart Cities and Suburbs Program supports local communities to deliver technology solutions to critical urban problems, making our cities, suburbs and regional centres great places to live, work and play,” Assistant Minister Taylor has explained during the announcement.

“Parking and traffic congestion are major issues in our community and it is brilliant to see an innovative approach to solve these problems for local residents and businesses,” Mr Howarth has chimed in, adding that the Moreton Bay Regional Council has done a best job at cutting congestion in North Lakes.

Calls for tenders for the design, installation, and operation of the system are expected to happen in the coming weeks. Councillor Greer hopes that local businesses, the school, and community will participate in all surveys and related trials that will test the effectiveness of upcoming proposals.

The $450,000 grant is part of Round One of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program that the Australian Government has announced on 17th of March. Round Two is expected to open in the first half of 2018. A total of $50 million has been allotted for the initiative.

Ultimately, the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program aims to improve the liveability, productivity, and sustainability of all Australian cities and towns.

Credit: AusGovDPMC/YouTube