North Lakes Mum Empowers Parents with the Magical Touch of Baby Love Massage

North Lakes mother Naomi Westerman, founder of Baby Love Massage, is one of the finalists in the Children’s Wellness Business category of the AusMumpreneur Awards this year. 

Her heartwarming mission to create a world where no cherubic infant endures unnecessary pain and every loving parent feels confidently connected and empowered, has earned her widespread adoration and support from all corners.

Being recognised as a finalist for the Children’s Wellness Business of the Year 2023 adds an extra sprinkle of fairy dust to Naomi’s journey. This recognition would elevate awareness of the critical issue of colic and reflux among newborns and strengthen her ability to reach out to more families in need of a healing touch. 

Baby Love Naomi Westerman
Photo Credit: Naomi Westerman

Naomi’s Baby Love Massage Journey

Naomi’s journey into the realm of baby massage began as she embarked on parenthood, navigating the challenges of colic and reflux with her beloved son, Theodore. 

Faced with a lack of accessible resources and the absence of a fairy godmother to help, Naomi and her supportive husband, Craig, embarked on a quest to find answers and bring comfort to their little prince’s discomfort. The transformative magic of baby massage not only enchanted them with relief for Theodore’s physical symptoms but also wove a powerful spell of love and connection between parent and child.

Baby Love Naomi Westerman
Photo Credit: Supplied

Fueled by the magical desire to share this experience with other parents facing similar challenges, Naomi conjured Baby Love Massage into existence in North Lakes. 

This soothing sanctuary serves as a haven for parents seeking the captivating healing potential of touch, offering workshops and support for families facing colicky dragon roars, fiery reflux spells, and even the occasional dark clouds of post-natal depression.

Baby Love
Photo Credit: Baby Love Massage

At Baby Love, the focus is on providing a safe and mystical environment for adorable infants and their bewitched caregivers to explore the benefits of baby massage. Naomi’s unique approach blends ancient secrets with modern ideas, guiding the parents and soothing the babies.

“Baby Love Massage was founded with the intention of supporting new mothers within the community to learn, practice and fall in love with the beauty of baby massage,” Naomi said.

“I’m on a mission to create a world where no infant endures unnecessary pain and where every parent feels confident, connected, and empowered.”

“In the past few months, I have been able to support many families who have been left to navigate, colic and reflux diagnoses alone, once discharged from midwives and paediatricians. An overwhelmed mother in a recent workshop, opened up about her mental health struggles and how her crying, distressed newborn’s discomforts were taking their toll.”

Baby Love Massage’s Growth

Within a year, Baby Love Massage has achieved miraculous milestones, including a breathtaking 1400% increase in revenue. This extraordinary and magical growth not only showcases the effectiveness of Naomi’s business model but also highlights what she brings to countless families in need.

Beyond the financial rewards, Naomi’s most extraordinary achievement lies in the impact she has made on the lives of mums and their babies. Through her workshops, she has empowered mums and fostered a sense of confidence and unbreakable bonds.

Baby Love Massage
Photo Credit: Baby Love Massage

“As a professional mother, I have firsthand experience in practising what I preach, and through my work with over 200 mothers and their babies in the last six months, I have witnessed the undeniable results of our simple yet powerful techniques.”

In 2028, Naomi envisions a national franchise empire that provides support to over one million babies and their families across Australia. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that no cherubic infant endures unnecessary pain and every parent can confidently embrace the journey of parenthood.

Her nomination under the Children’s Wellness Business category of the Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year 2023 highlights her dedication to transforming the lives of parents and infants. Her vision of creating a world filled with love, care, and endless possibilities for every newborn reflects her commitment to this noble cause. As she continues to help families and weave bonds, Naomi’s impact on the community seems to be a fairy tale come true.

“Throughout my training, the profound phrase ‘love creates love’ resonated deeply within me, igniting an unwavering passion for ensuring our babies experience boundless love and grow with the ability to perpetuate that love. With unwavering determination, I strive to make this vision a reality, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless families.” 

The Westmans
Photo Credit: Naomi Westerman

The AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards will be held on 22-24 Aug 2023 at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Published 3-Aug-2023