North Lakes Mother Warns Others After Son’s Leg Stuck in Bike for Almost An Hour

A North Lakes mother has warned other parents following a biking mishap that left her son’s leg stuck in his bicycle for over 45 minutes, requiring firefighter tools to free him.

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According to reports, local resident Halle Alex said her son Jed, 5, was biking outside their Cottonwood Circuit home when he unintentionally hit the doorframe. Jed allegedly collapsed sideways into the wall, squeezing his ankle between the bike’s frame and pedal.

Ms Alex explained that the bike scraped his son’s leg badly and they were puzzled how he got stuck in such a tiny opening. The family attempted freeing the young boy’s foot using bike lubricant and shifting his ankle, but failed to get him loose. 

North Lakes mother
Image shown for illustrative purposes only (Photo credit: Julie Dalton/Pexels)

They immediately called emergency services, but two fire trucks came, with eight firefighters ready to help. Using three separate power tools, the fire crew finally pried open the bike frame after nearly an hour.

Ms Alex mentioned Jed was identified with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), a blood disorder, so they must observe him closely should blood accumulate in his joints. However initial exams displayed only a sprained ankle, bruising, and inflammation.

The North Lakes mother portrayed Jed as a valiant boy eager to ride motorbikes when older like his dad. He was thrilled to see the firefighters and their gear, getting stickers before they departed. The team even repaired his bike before leaving.

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Parents are recommended to oversee children on bikes and toys, and guarantee extremities can’t get trapped. 

Bicycle riding can be an enjoyable activity and healthy form of exercise for children, but parents should be aware it also poses some risks.

Wearing a properly fitted helmet and elbow/knee pads can also help minimize injuries in a fall or collision. Taking these precautions can help reduce accidents and allow children to enjoy cycling as a fun, healthy activity.

Published 23-October-2023