Plans Lodged for New Health Care Hub with Swim School and Shops in Deception Bay

Deception Bay will have a new health care hub with an indoor swim school, ancillary shops, a café, and a caretaker’s accommodation dwelling should a development application be approved.

Designed by Christian Zambelli Architect, the proposed built form of ‘Deception Bay Health Centre’ varies between one and two-storey buildings in height and will incorporate a contemporary local centre design. The DA says it will have an easily accessible and simple pedestrian and vehicular connectivity.

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The centre includes a gross total floor area of 1,990 sqm and would be based at 54-66 Old Bay Road, located on the corner of Old Bay Road and Thompson Street, Deception Bay. If approved, this health care hub will share the same location as the approved 175-child single storey centre that is sited along the southern edge of the subject site.

The development provides a total of 83 car parking spaces and would have access to Old Bay Road and Thompson Street via a driveway at the southwestern border and northern border of the site.

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The surrounding area predominantly includes established residential uses, open space, and rural areas. The subject site is also located approximately a kilometre away from the waterfront of Moreton Bay.

“The corner site, which adjoins a future (approved) Child Care Centre, will create a local facility which combined would service the healthcare and childcare needs of the established Deception Bay community,” DTS Group reported on behalf of the applicant.

DTS added, “The application seeks approval for a localised health care centre development and indoor swim school that is consistent with the anticipated character for the Suburban Neighbourhood Precinct.”

Tenancies are expected to operate from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Sunday, with actual business hours to be set by each tenant. For more information about this proposed health care hub, see Council Reference 2020 / 40376 / V2K.