New Primary School Flexi Campus to Open in Deception Bay Soon

The development application for a new primary school flexi campus at 45 Grosvenor Terrace, Deception Bay just received a green-light.

Edmund Rice Education Australia received an approval from the Moreton Bay Regional Council to push through with their proposed development, which will be called the Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre.

Designed by Carol Dowd Architect, the soon-to-rise Deception Bay FLC will have two small classrooms to cater to primary aged students along with a 37.5-sqm general learning area, 14-sqm kitchen, and an 11-sqm “quiet room.”

Deception Bay Flexi Campus principal Paul Flanders said the flexi school was proposed in response to numerous inquiries about places for students that were expelled or unable to cope in mainstream primary school.

Mr Flanders is confident that the Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre model can put these children, who are at risk of turning to a life of crime and drugs, back on the right track.

The learning centre will follow the existing flexi campuses’ model, which revolves around respect, honesty, participation, and safe and legal. The flexi school will also ensure that students are well fed by providing breakfast and lunch every day.

Meanwhile, Edmund Rice Education Australia has not confirmed if they will stick to the originally planned opening of the flexi campus in June 2019.

Once open, the primary school will cater to students Years 5 and 6 and will operate between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday.