Kallangur Mother’s Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Sparks Heartfelt Wedding

A week after welcoming her newborn son into the world, Kallangur mother Belinda Rahe received a devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer. 

However, Ms Rahe and her partner, Wayne Skelton have chosen to transform this tragedy into a celebration of love, exchanging vows in an intimate ceremony after five years together.

The couple’s journey, who fell in love for the first time in 2018, has been filled with both great joy and deep sorrow. Ms Rahe, a dedicated employee at UnitingCare Queensland, sought medical attention for severe abdominal pain following the birth of their son George last year.

In November, she received the heartbreaking news of stage four metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer, and this week was given a devastating prognosis of only three months to live.

Photo Credit: Pexel

Despite the grim news, Ms Rahe and Mr Skelton have found solace in their “beautiful blended family” of eight, which includes Ms Rahe’s children aged 19 and 10, Mr Skelton’s daughters aged 12 and 10, their sons Henry, 2, and George, born last year. Adding to their happiness, Ms Rahe’s eldest daughter Charlotte recently welcomed her first child, Theodore, making Ms Rahe a grandmother.

The couple’s initial hope of overcoming the illness through chemotherapy was dashed when recent scans revealed the cancer had progressed significantly. Faced with the devastating reality of limited time, Ms Rahe and Mr Skelton have shifted their focus to alternative therapies that may offer a few more precious months together.

Photo Credit: Pexel

“There are different types of therapy I will be starting in the coming days to give me more time with my family,” Ms Rahe shared. “I want to keep fighting and would like to see my sons go to school and hopefully I can make it to George’s first birthday.”

Together, they have crafted a bucket list of 40 cherished experiences, including a cruise around Western Australia, a romantic date night, a Gold Class cinema outing, and witnessing their sons learn to swim.

As the family navigates this challenging time, a close friend, Kate Smith, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to alleviate their financial burdens. Ms Rahe’s inability to work, coupled with Mr Skelton’s dedication to caring for their family, has left them in a precarious situation.

“We are desperately trying to secure our home so that our family has some stability in such an unstable situation,” Ms Rahe expressed. “We need help, without it this is impossible.”

Published Date 11-June-2024