Mango Hill Commuters Set to Save with 50c Public Transport Fares

Did you know that you can take advantage of various Translink services, such as trains, buses, ferries, or the Gold Coast light rail, to get to Mango Hill?

Starting this 5th of August, 2024, catching these public transport options to and from Mango Hill is set to become significantly cheaper, with a flat 50 cent fare for all Translink services across Queensland for a six-month trial period.

Premier Steven Miles announced the trial on Sunday, the 26th of May, and it’s a move aimed at easing the cost of living and reducing traffic congestion.

lower bus fare going to Mango Hill
Photo Credit: Translink

The initiative is expected to save commuters thousands of dollars over the trial period. For instance, a Mango Hill resident currently paying up to $96 a week for their commute could save more than $90 under the new flat fare.

Premier Miles highlighted the potential impact on congestion, stating, “I expect this will save Queenslanders thousands of dollars over six months, and encourage more people to catch our fast, frequent, and 50 cent public transport.”

The move comes as Queensland motorists grapple with high fuel prices and as public transport patronage remains below pre-pandemic levels. Treasurer Cameron Dick hopes the initiative will make public transport a more “affordable and attractive” option, particularly for commuters in the state’s southeast.

Translink bus
Photo Credit: Translink

The six-month trial is expected to cost $150 million and will be funded in the upcoming June budget. Concession cardholders will also benefit, paying the flat 50c fee instead of their usual half-fare. However, privately operated transport services will not be included in the trial.

While the government believes this measure, coupled with the $1000 power bill rebate, will help ease financial pressures on Queenslanders, concerns have been raised about the impact of increased spending on the state’s budget and inflation.

Published Date 30-May-2024