North Lakes Selected for New HEMS Pilot Trial

Five hundred households in North Lakes, Wakerley, Chapel Hill, and Springfield get to participate in the Energex home energy management systems (HEMS) trial that will run until April 2021.

HEMS devices allow consumers to monitor and manage their home energy use without having to be there. The seven-month HEMS trial pilot program is designed to help Energex learn how HEMS influence householders’ energy consumption and how this technology can be integrated in the electricity distribution network. 

“Home energy management systems make it easy for households to monitor their electricity use and to change their behaviours to save money,” Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said.

“This pilot will test just how much impact HEMS has on householders’ energy behaviour and if they save money on their power bills.

“Energex is also trialling HEMS systems to see how they can help Energex deal with peak demand, with managing solar energy coming into the network and also provide important data to help develop new pricing options for the future.”

Funding for the pilot program will come from an Australian Energy Regulator scheme to encourage electricity distributors to research and investigate innovative techniques for managing peak demand. 

Video Credit: Combined Energy / YouTube

A HEMS is capable of tracking and recording the electricity flow, and allows customers to optimise their energy consumption by manually controlling and /or automating the use of high consumption appliances utilising cutting edge devices installed in the property and software connected via the internet. 

Using an app or through the portal, customers can remotely turn on and off major appliances like hot water systems, pool pumps, and air conditioners or monitor how effectively solar panels are working.

A tender process for potential service providers for the HEMS trial is underway with a  range of benefits for householders to be considered including free or discounted HEMS systems, cashback offers, or discounted solar and battery storage systems.