$3.1 Billion Housing Plan Unveiled, Mango Hill Integral to Key Initiative

A landmark $3.1-billion housing initiative has been unveiled, encompassing Mango Hill as one of the prominent places to figure into this strategy to address the housing shortage and enhance affordability.

The Homes for Queenslanders package covers various strategies, including leasing public land to developers and piloting innovative development models. The plan has been created to accelerate housing construction and meet the needs of Queensland’s rapidly growing population.

In conjunction with the land leasing initiative, the government will invest $350 million to establish an Infrastructure Infill Fund, specifically targeting private infill developments. Premier Steven Miles emphasised the importance of these developments being well-located and close to essential amenities like schools and healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, the government will pilot a ground lease model to facilitate the creation of social and affordable housing on surplus government land. This initiative aims to unlock housing opportunities and promote housing diversity in urban areas. An inclusionary planning pilot program will also be implemented to educate developers on adopting inclusive planning models, targeting suburbs such as Varsity Lakes, Pimlico, and Mango Hill.

The Homes for Queenslanders plan also allocates $160 million to support the rental market and $390 million for homelessness services, including establishing eight new youth foyers to assist young people at risk of homelessness.

Mango Hill
Photo Credit: StevenMiles/Facebook

“A key pillar of the Homes for Queenslanders plan is building more homes faster,” Mr Miles said

“The Infrastructure Infill Fund, combined with initiatives like the Ground Lease Delivery Model, will deliver more housing options in demand areas – close to schools, transport and healthcare.

“This funding is in direct response to the feedback we’ve received from industry.

“My government is listening, and we want to work together to get the job done.

“As Queensland grows, so must our approach to partnering with industry players to unlock more social and affordable homes.”

Minister for Housing Meaghan Scanlon highlighted the government’s commitment to partnering with the private sector to enhance housing supply and affordability. The ground lease model is expected to attract new investors into the housing market, fostering increased supply, including social and affordable housing options.

Industry stakeholders welcomed the government’s initiatives, recognising the potential to expedite housing delivery and reduce costs. The Queensland Property Council and the Planning Institute of Australia commended the government’s efforts to promote housing diversity and support urban infill development.

Published 11-March-2024