Massive Fire Guts Businesses In A Small Shopping Centre In Petrie

A massive and devastating fire broke out overnight at a small shopping centre in Petrie, damaging as many as 10 businesses and prompting a criminal investigation by local authorities.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Whiskey Mike Photography

The blaze began around 12:30 am on Monday on the corner of Beeville and Frenchs Roads. An IGA supermarket, bakery, and seafood takeaway shop sustained major damage, with seven other surrounding businesses impacted by smoke.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Whiskey Mike Photography

Joseph Bijumon, owner of the French’s Forest IGA, was preparing for what is typically one of the busiest days of the year on the public holiday. But his busiest plans went up in smoke as the fire raged through his fully-stocked supermarket.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Whiskey Mike Photography

“This morning I got a security call and my cameras, they are always watching the temperatures of the fridges and freezer temperatures went up and they called me,” Bijumon recounted. He arrived to find police and fire crews outside trying to extinguish the flames.

With power cut to the entire precinct, Bijumon was forced to discard all frozen, refrigerated, and meat products from his ravaged store. “I’m okay, a bit upset, I was working hard last week for today only and the shop is fully stocked.

“There is no power at all, all my meat everything is gone.”

Fourteen fire crews managed to extinguish the flames within two hours, though the damage had been done. A spokeswoman for the impacted Bazza’s Bakehouse said the family business was devastated by the incident.

Photo Credit: Facebook / John Summerhayes

Nearby resident David Nicholson witnessed the fire’s escalation. “It gradually started spreading sideways … I think it started at the fish and chip shop and spread across to the bakehouse and onto the IGA.”

Queensland police have declared the site a crime scene as investigations continue into the cause of the destructive blaze that has left the Petrie community reeling. As Nicholson said, “People will be disappointed they can’t get their pies today.”

Published 6-May-2024