Brisbane’s Only Walking Football Competition Is On Again in North Lakes

Brisbane’s first and only walking football competition has commenced this year and has been taking place at the iPlaySports indoor sports centre in North Lakes. The exceptional sports activity will continue to take place in North Lakes from the 14th of January until the next three weeks. By then, it will transfer location to Deception Bay.

Credit: Walking Football Facebook

As the name suggests, walking football, founded by former Redcliffe PCYC player Alan Templeton, does not involve any running. The 63-year-old former football player came up with the idea when his old age eventually prevented him from playing the game which he is mostly passionate about. Hence, “walking” football, which is targeted primarily to people ages 50 to 70 years who could no longer play the game that they love due to the risk of running injury, common to aged players.

Before he stopped, Templeton did community football with the Brisbane Roar for 10 years. The 63-year-old football lover has been involved with kids during his time with the Brisbane Roar. He now thinks it’s time to give back and do something for people in the older age group who love football.

  • Templeton says that walking football has the following health benefits:
  • Keeps you fit & healthy
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease & strokes
  • Improves blood pressure & blood sugar levels
  • Improves balance & strength
  • Improves reaction times
  • Boosts self-esteem & confidence

In future, Templeton hopes that he can open the competition to women. Right now, women who are interested to participate in the game are welcome to compete against or join the men’s team. He hopes to have at least 10-14 teams consisting of four to six ladies’ team and eight to 10 men’s team. He also hopes that sponsors and fundraisers will give the game a chance.

About iPlaySports

iPlaySports & Fitness is the first indoor sports centre in North Lakes. It runs indoor netball, indoor soccer, indoor cricket, dodgeball, and beach volleyball. It is open seven days a week and can be rented for functions and parties.

iPlaySports & Fitness is located at 17 Flinders Parade, North Lakes