Moreton Bay Residents Invited to Provide Input on New Flight Path Changes

Residents in Moreton Bay are being given the opportunity to provide their input on six proposed flight paths that could impact the area via a public consultation process at the Deception Bay Community Hall. 

Scheduled for Monday, 16 May 2023 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the main hall of the Deception Bay Community Hall in Raymond Tce, the public consultation forms part of a wider initiative by Airservices Australia to optimize airspace usage and improve air traffic management.

Currently, airplanes take off from both runways over water when the wind is coming from the north. The other route sends airplanes higher, nearly 5,000 feet above the existing crossing location, over Moreton Bay so they can acquire more altitude before crossing the coastline over greenery south of Thornlands.

Though there are efforts to make daylight use possible, Simultaneous Opposite Direction Runway Operations (SODPROPS) at night is now the preferred operating mode. Aircraft fly into the new runway over Moreton Bay and depart from the legacy runway over Moreton Bay in this mode’s arrival and departure operations over water.

Photo Credit: Airservices Australia

The proposed flight paths would potentially affect residents in at least 23 communities across Brisbane. The changes aim to improve efficiency and safety for aircraft while minimizing the noise and environmental impacts on the surrounding communities.

Airservices Australia CEO Jason Harfield stated that the proposed flight path changes would be subject to community engagement prior to implementation. 

“These community engagement sessions will help Airservices identify preferred options for further investigation and potential implementation,” said Mr Harfield. 

“Airservices wants to ensure it is a transparent process, which demonstrates the organization’s commitment to improving noise outcomes for the Brisbane community, where safe and operationally feasible.”

The public consultation period has been running for several weeks across suburbs, and the final decision on the flight paths will be based on a range of factors, including safety, efficiency, and community impact.

Published 11-May-2023