Proposed North Lakes Drive Medical Centre Approved

The proposed medical centre with pharmacy for vacant lots in 42 North Lakes Drive and 53 Endeavour Boulevard in North Lakes is close to being a reality.

Based on the development application, the Moreton Bay Regional Council approved Lot 72/73 Developments’ material change of use for the medical centre and pharmacy as well as the coordinated signage plan on 6 March 2019 under certain conditions.

Designed by Y Squared Architects, the 1,500-sqm medical centre will feature a 140-sqm pharmacy and will have services for physio, dental, and radiology.

The 4360-sqm site is on the corner of North Lakes and Lakefield Drive, with access via the adjacent North Lakes Central complex.

Whilst located in a Priority Koala Assessable Development Area, the applicant assured  that the site does not contain any Regulated Vegetation and is not affected by requirements of the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

So far, there has been no issue regarding the scale of the building. It complements the recently completed Aldi store, which is a single storey building adjoining the western boundary of the site, and the two storey building to the north, which is lower in elevation than the subject site.

Amendments Required

Despite giving their approval, the Council required the applicant to amend their plans showing cantilevered awnings extending a minimum 3.7m over Lakefield Drive road reserve and allows for the retention of existing street trees.

Council also requested Lot 72/73 to submit an amendment showing a full width pavement to be constructed on Lakeview Drive, excluding locations of established street trees and replacement plantings as shown on the plans.

This will be in accordance with the requirements of the North Lakes Sector Plan and the North Lakes Town Centre Landscape Design Requirements.

The last of the three required amendments is to provide a car parking layout with turning templates to accommodate an HRV service vehicle.

Based on the proposed application, the developer will provide 67 carparking spaces, an ambulance bay and a loading bay and be controlled by boom gates to stop workers from nearby businesses parking there.

For further information about the proposed medical centre with pharmacy in North Lakes, see the full DA-2018/37349/V2H.