North Lakes Sports Club to Practice Converting Food Scraps into Compost

The newly-opened North Lakes Sports Club, the first licensed club in the suburb, will join the other members of Clubs Queensland in implementing Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO), a pilot project of the Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EPH). Different city councils, not just in Queensland, but across Australia have already started implementing the FOGO initiative.


How does FOGO work?

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Environment Minister of Queensland Dr. Steven Miles stated that more than $300,000 will be provided to Clubs Queensland to begin with the project. Along with other clubs, North Lakes Sports Club will be segregating the food scraps that will be neatly placed in specially-designed containers.

The food scraps will be collected by JJ Richards, one of the largest waste management companies in Australia. The waste will be taken to a composting company, where they’ll convert the food scraps into organic compost and soil conditioner.

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The converted waste will be delivered back to the clubs for their own use or will be provided to other local organisations. North Lakes Sports Club will be dedicating the organic compost to be primarily used at their three sports fields, which have been acquired on lease for the past three months.

FOGO project will be beneficial to both the environment and waste management. Continuous conversion of organic food scraps into compost will lead to the reduction of landfill.


Compost Gardening is the new trend in North Lakes.

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Organic gardening is becoming popular in the North Lakes-Mango Hill area. Several neighbourhood have been converting their organic waste into compost that they use on their backyard gardens. Resident farmer Jody Wall has been growing organic produce for almost five years.

“There are no chemicals at all. As a small farmer I can make a good living doing things the way it was done before chemicals came on board. It is a travesty we have to have labels on organically-grown food when it is just grown naturally,” Mr. Wall said.

Mr. Wall is a member of Brisbane Organic Growers, a group that promotes organic gardening without using chemicals, hormones, or artificial herbicides and pesticides.

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Using organic compost is recommended versus using chemical-based fertilizers due to its ability to prevent soil erosion and to eliminate toxins. Compost gardening can help in regenerating the soil through humus, the product of decomposing organic matter that is proven to be full of nutrients and minerals. Rich organic nutrients present in the compost will also help create healthier plants.

Another member of the group, gardening guru Phil Ryan, conducts workshops at libraries in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. Due to the ideal weather in North Lakes all year round, Mr. Ryan said that North Lakes is a good area for growing plants and encouraged residents to make a good soil compost, especially from vegetable scraps.

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“People need to learn how to grow their own soil and make good compost … I put it all in a cement mixer for 20 minutes and out comes the best and richest soil you could ever get your hands into,” Mr. Ryan said.

Plans for North Lakes-Mango Hill’s New State Secondary School Seen to Ease Facilities vs Enrolment Gap

Plans for the new state secondary school in the North Lakes-Mango Hill area for North Brisbane are already underway.

Ms. Palaszczuk with students
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The population of the North Lakes area, which includes Mango Hill, Kallangur, Dakabin, Murrumba Downs, and Griffin, is expected to grow by about 13,000 by the year 2021. Also, the population is predicted to grow from the present 70,000 to 103,000 by 2036.

With the predicted statistics, North Lakes-Mango Hill is the preferred location to build the new school in the whole North Brisbane area.

The new state high school construction will ease the number of enrolments at the North Lakes State College. Because of the enrolment growth year after year, the school may not be able to keep up with the estimated number of population growth in the next few years. North Lakes State College has a maximum student enrolment capacity of 3,320 students. The number of students entering Prep should not exceed 200 in every 8 classrooms.


Building Future Schools

The Queensland Government has dedicated $28 million (2017-2018) for the Building Future Schools Fund, out of the $500 million total proposed budget for the five-year project.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that the Building Future Schools Fund will be used to build new schools to cater more students, provide 1,500 jobs over the five-year scheme, and secure the fastest growing regions in Queensland.

“We want every child to benefit from a quality education no matter where they live. That’s why we are investing $500 million over five years to help deliver world class education facilities where they are needed most … We will always build new schools and new classrooms to cater for enrolments in our growing state,” Ms. Palaszczuk said.

More Schools to Open

An artist’s impression of Fortitude Valley’s new school
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Two new high schools will be built in inner-Brisbane this year. The Fortitude Valley State School, in partnership with Queensland University of Technology, will become a high-rise secondary school. Another high school will be built in the catchment of Brisbane State High School, in conjunction with University of Queensland. These two new schools will each cater up to 1,500 students.

The $500 million Building Future Schools Fund will also be used for land acquisitions in Mount Low in Townsville, Calliope near Gladstone, and Yarrabilba in South Logan. Like the plan in North Lakes-Mango Hills, the plans in these areas are also underway.

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“We will continue to build new schools in growth areas … We need to continue to act to meet the increasing demands for student enrolments and plan ahead for next generation learning needs,” Education Minister Kate Jones said.

The secondary schools construction will continue in Brisbane and the final Public Private Partnership School will be built in Springfield by 2019. Ms. Jones said that the Department of Education will work on communicating with the school communities to come up with the best solutions for each school.

“Advancing Queensland” Grants Applications To End this June; MP from North Lakes Calls for Community Support

The first round of Advancing Queensland, an age-friendly grants application, will be closing on 16th of June by 5 p.m. This is a program that will give grants of up to $100,000 to organisations who will deliver innovative age-friendly projects for seniors.

This year’s program will focus on transport, outdoor spaces, and building & housing domains.

State Labor MP for Murrumba Chris Whiting said that this is a wonderful opportunity for the North Lakes community to receive support and develop innovative and creative programs for its senior group


Age-Friendly Model

The “age-friendly model” was designed by the World Health Organisation in 2007 for seniors to ensure their access to all of the aspects of community life. These are transportation, outdoor spaces and building, housing, respect and social inclusion, social participation, communication and information, civic participation and employment opportunities, and community support and health services.

This design is effective in bringing a healthy and happy life of the seniors in every community.


Ageing in Queensland and North Lakes

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Queensland’s senior population aged 65 years and over is about 14% of the total population. This segment is projected to rise to almost 20% by year 2036. In North Lakes, almost 20% of the total suburb population are seniors.

An age-friendly community will be helpful for the senior population in North Lakes and Queensland as a whole, to free them from any age-related barriers. The grants program will provide organisations with an opportunity to support the aged people in living in a safe and healthy community.


Last Call for Application

To apply online for “Advancing Queensland” grants, visit the SmartyGrants Application Form. New users of SmartyGrants need to register first before they can proceed. For information on how to register and fill out the form, click here.

Another option is to request an application form by sending an email to the Office of Seniors.

This is open for all community groups, local councils, non-government organisations, research institutions, and universities. All successful applicants will be announced by the Minister for Disability Services, Minister for Seniors and Minister Assisting the Premier of North Queensland, and on every Queensland government publications.

The approved applicants will be required to enter into an agreement with the department and acknowledge the government funding by placing the “Queensland Government” crest on all promotional materials produced in line with the project.

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