North Lakes Hotel Enhances Community Service by Hosting Rotary Club Meetings

The Best Western Plus Hotel North Lakes has been providing a free venue for the weekly meetings of the Rotary Club of KippaRing-North Lakes since 2022, facilitating community service and outreach in the local area.

Situated at 22 Lakefield Drive, North Lakes Queensland, the Best Western Plus North Lakes Hotel plays a vital role in supporting local community initiatives. This collaboration has enabled the club to focus on various community service projects without the burden of venue costs. The Rotary Club of KippaRing-North Lakes, rooted in the values of Rotary International, is committed to addressing both local and global challenges through a diverse array of projects.

Rotary Club of Kippa-Ring North Lakes
Photo Credit: Rotary Club of Kippa-Ring North Lakes/Facebook
Rotary Club of Kippa-Ring North Lakes
Photo Credit: Best Western Plus North Lakes Hotel

This partnership benefits the Rotary Club and exemplifies the hotel’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, fostering a positive environment for community engagement and development.

The Rotary Club engages in numerous initiatives, from educational programs and healthcare improvements to environmental conservation and disaster relief efforts. These activities are designed to create a sustainable and meaningful impact in the community. The club tackles pressing local needs and contributes to global concerns, reinforcing its commitment to making a significant difference.

The Rotary Club encourages community members to join its efforts in making a difference. By participating in the club’s activities, individuals can connect with others who share a passion for philanthropy and community service. The club’s open-arms policy welcomes all, from seasoned philanthropists to those new to community service, offering them a platform to expand their network and enhance their impact on society.

Published 2-July-2024