Stockland To Build Retail Showroom and Warehouse on Stapylton Street in North Lakes

An underdeveloped site on Stapylton Street in North Lakes will soon become a retail showroom and warehouse area.

Stockland North Lakes Pty Ltd submitted its application to develop and improve the lot into a commercial centre in August 2018.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council approved the development of Lot 76 in November 2018.  Aerial photography confirmed that the site on currently doesn’t have any buildings nor developments.

Under the proposed plan, the 4,000 square meters Lot 76 on Stapylton Street will be able to accommodate three tenancies showrooms with its own warehouse within a 1,733 square meter building. The commercial site will also provide 46 car parks for its visitors and guests.

Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

The showrooms may comprise furniture, electrical goods, carpets, sporting goods, clothing, toys, and white goods like air conditioners, refrigerators, and stoves.  

Construction has not yet begun in the property as of press time.