North Lakes Veterinary Hospital’s Cat Photo Goes Viral

North Lakes Veterinary Hospital‘s photo of an angry-looking cat went viral as they searched for the cat’s owner.

The veterinary hospital’s post on Facebook was quickly shared by several people more than 300 times since the search for the cat’s owner started on 18 April 2018.

The three-legged cat does not have a microchip or collar which has made the search quite difficult and the efforts of finding the owner have relied mostly on the Facebook post.

Luckily, the photo of this cranky-looking cat (which reminded people of the famous Grumpy Cat) became an internet sensation.

Photo credit: Twitter/RealGrumpyCat‏

Contrary to its looks in the photo, the cat is actually sweet and gentle, according to the veterinary nurse who took care of her in the hospital.

The lovely cat is now back home with its family.