Brisbane Catholic Education to Establish Prep School in Narangba

Photo Credit: Brisbane Catholic Education / Facebook

Brisbane Catholic Education pushes forward with its program to establish new schools and colleges including one Prep school to be situated in Narangba.

Between 2020 and 2025, Brisbane Catholic Education plans to open six new schools in anticipation of demand growth in these areas:

  • Primary school in Redbank Plains , to open with Prep – Year 3 in 2020
  • Three secondary schools to open to Year 7 students in 2021 in Plainland, Yarrabilba, and 2022 in Fitzgibbon
  • Two Prep schools to open in 2024 in Flagstone and 2025 in Narangba

BCE has recently acquired a 18.98ha property on Callaghan and Morgan roads in Narangba, as well as 12ha parcel of land in Flagstone. The Narangba Prep school is slated to start construction in 2022.

Brisbane Catholic Education
Photo Credit: Brisbane Catholic Education / Facebook

BCE is a community of parish and dioscesan Catholic schools operating 141 schools across the Archdiocese. The institution recently opened two Prep schools in Bli Bli and Coomera.

BCE is seeing a surging population growth particularly in school age children in Narangba and its neighbouring suburbs, North Lakes and Burgenpary. The Narangba Prep school along with the five other new schools and the recently opened Bli Bli and Coomera schools, are estimated to accommodate up to 10,000 students.

According to the 2016 Census, children aged 0-14 years made up 26.8 percent of the  Narangba population, as compared to the Qld’s 19.4 percent. 

Of the total 18,573 people, 55.8 percent of Narangba population were couple families with children whilst 14.7 percent were one parent families. Narangba population is projected to grow to 22,198 in 2021 and 26,201 in 2026.

REA Group’s data shows as steady house price growth in Narangba from $406,250 in 2011 to $493,000 in 2018. The latest median house price, based on 228 sales from 1 July 2018 – 29 July 2019, is $499,400.