Buy Cute Dog Bandannas and Bow Ties From This Amazing Murrumba Downs Girl

Photo Credit: Fetch AU/Facebook

Bonnie Moller, an enterprising teenager from Murrumba Downs, has overcome her physical challenges and turned her passion for dogs, fashion, and the environment into a growing business with the launch of Fetch Au, eco-friendly fashion and accessories for pets.

Bonnie has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a disease that weakens connective tissues in the body. After her first diagnosis at age 10, she started using a wheelchair full time in 2019 as her condition advanced. 

However, what she cannot do with her ankles and legs, she made up for with her heart and her hands. 

She finds old doona covers and bedsheets and creatively turns them to bow ties, bandannas, and other items. Her sustainable approach makes use of materials from local shops and repurposed into unique designs. 

Her mum Catrina, a former school Principal and Head of Department – Special Needs, saw Bonnie’s interests and this sparked an idea for a business she can do whilst homeschooling. 

Photo Credit: Handmade Brisbane/Instagram

“Bonnie saw a gap in the market, and also felt guilty for buying ‘fast fashions’ for her own dog. She invested so much time and work into the plan, she decided to do it for real; by the end of that term, she had the website going and also runs her own social media.”

A key factor in boosting Bonnie’s business is the assistance given by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Brisbane region.

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Bonnie’s support worker helps her in almost all aspects — from the buying and cutting process to the marketing and selling of their products.

Bonnie also receives funds from NDIS for rehabilitation treatments which will enable her to walk and rely less on her wheelchair. Before the year ends, she hopes to be on her feet with ample physiotherapy and pursuing healthy living. 

Support Bonnie and dress up your pup with her creations by visiting her website. Choose from a wide variety of designs and gorgeous vintage pieces customised to fit  extra small to very large-sized dogs — perfect for your adorable furry fashionista!

All product orders will enjoy free shipping anywhere in Australia.