Experience Mini Golf Like Never Before at Hey Caddy North Lakes

hey caddy
Photo credit: Hey Caddy Mini Golf North Lakes/Google Maps

Hey Caddy North Lakes and X Golf offers golf enthusiasts distinct experiences to challenge their skills and spark their imaginations, with a unique golfing paradise transporting players across the globe without ever leaving the Moreton Bay Region.

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X Golf provides advanced golf simulators with industry-leading technology, whilst Hey Caddy North Lakes offers a relaxed, welcoming environment suitable for players of all ages and abilities.

Hey Caddy’s expansive mini-golf course features holes inspired by renowned destinations worldwide. Putt through New York’s iconic skyline, traverse China’s formidable Great Wall, and meander through Egyptian pyramids. The imaginative course even includes intergalactic holes set on Mars.

Photo credit: Hey Caddy/Facebook

The venue’s ambition took on special significance during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restricted, Hey Caddy offered a safe, engaging opportunity to explore the world from home. They strived to help people create lasting memories, even during difficult times.

How It Works 

Photo credit: Max C/Google Maps

The venue utilises specialised impact-absorbing screens to withstand the force of powerfully struck golf balls. With 56 courses currently available and four more on the way, Hey Caddy and X Golf accommodates all skill levels – from beginners to expert golfers. 

Photo credit: Taylah Douglas/Google Maps

X Golf’s high-tech simulators utilise impact sensors, infrared lasers, multi-camera systems, and sophisticated gaming software to deliver unparalleled accuracy and realism.

The cutting-edge simulator technology precisely tracks swings with 98 percent accuracy compared to real courses. The automated system eliminates retrieving balls whilst adjustable tee heights customise each shot. Smart balls interact with cameras to collect playing data. 

An upcoming app, which will be launched soon, will let golfers review stats at home and participate in online tournaments.

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For local golf lovers, Hey Caddy North Lakes and X Golf brings the vibrancy of worldwide destinations to their neighbourhood. It’s a place to challenge skills, spark imagination, and create unforgettable moments, without even needing a passport.

Published 19-September-2023