Kallangur Resident Celebrates Life-Changing Win


It was a life-altering moment for a Kallangur woman when news of an unexpected windfall of nearly half a million dollars arrived on an ordinary Sunday.

On 4 February 2024, the woman from Kallangur experienced the shock of her life when she discovered she had won the jackpot prize amounting to a staggering $442,606.90.

The call from an official confirming her win prompted an ecstatic reaction, highlighting the surreal nature of her newfound fortune.

The winner’s immediate response was one of sheer astonishment. Recounting the moment, she described how a casual afternoon turned into a pivotal life event. 

Initially thinking she had matched eight out of nine numbers, she was overwhelmed upon realising the actual extent of her win. The news was met with joy and plans for the future, emphasising the life-changing impact of her win.

With a significant sum now at her disposal, the Kallangur local looks forward to enjoying some “serious fun” and embarking on a holiday, enhancing her travel with extra spending money. Beyond leisure, she sees this win as an opportunity to secure a prosperous future for herself and her family, encapsulating the essence of her incredible luck.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The winning ticket was purchased at Kallangur Tavern, a venue that has witnessed its fair share of wins. Sarah Lewis, a spokesperson for the tavern, shared the communal excitement such wins bring, fostering a positive atmosphere and making it a topic of conversation for many. Familiar with celebrating wins, the tavern extends its best wishes to the lucky winner.

In 2023, Keno players in Queensland celebrated wins totalling over $1 billion, with 21 individuals becoming millionaires or multi-millionaires. This broader context underscores the widespread appeal and potentially life-changing impact of participating in Keno, now more accessible than ever through mobile apps in selected regions.

Published 25-February-2024