Locals Say No to Approved Housing Development in Deception Bay

deception bay

A plan to develop a paddock into a subdivision has met a storm of opposition from Deception Bay residents. 

The subject site, located at 33 Joseph Crescent and 46 Bancroft Terrace, has been earmarked for housing as part of Tricrest Developments and Makepaar Pty Ltd’s plan to develop a range of dwelling options.

Local homeowners oppose reconfiguring two lots into 35 lots, citing traffic, noise, and possible effects on property prices.

“This project for reconfiguration to provide for 35 residential lots on this low lying ground has many adverse consequences both to the environment and to residents in Joseph Crescent and Beach road. Moreover, it adds to congestion; impedes traffic; reduces benefits from development of the fisheries complex and does nothing to aid quality of life in the community,” residents wrote in a petition containing multiple signatures. 

Proposed subdivision (Photo credit: pdonline.moretonbay.qld.gov.au)

Concept Plan

Located in an established low-density residential setting, the 32,789sqm site is on the northern side of Bancroft Terrace and western side of Joseph Crescent. A report prepared by I.B. Town Planning on behalf of the applicants states that site is relatively clear of significant vegetation. 

Based on the original plan, the subdivision will feature a mix of lot sizes, ranging from 350sqm to 1910sqm. Twenty of the proposed 39 lots are less than 600sqm in area. It is proposed that the existing house located on Lot 9 be retained in the north-western corner of the property.

The building height will be 8.5 metres and 2 storeys, in compliance with the Caboolture Shire Plan. Each lot will be accessed via a new dedicated 16m wide road reserve connecting to Joseph Crescent on the eastern side of the property.

Aerial photo of the site (Photo credit: pdonline.moretonbay.qld.gov.au)

Despite receiving 11 submissions and a petition with more than 80 signatures, Moreton Bay Regional Council approved the proposed subdivision. 

In response to outstanding matters, the applicants state that the lot sizes will maintain an area of at least 600 sqm around the perimeter of the subject site with all other lot sizes in the development being at least 400sqm in size. The subdivision maintains a total of 35 residential lots consistent with the version advertised during the public notification stage of the application.

For more information about this approved development in Deception Bay, see 2017 / 34780 / V34R.