Mango Hill: New Residential and Retail Development Proposed

Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /

A mixed-used development proposal that will integrate multiple dwellings, self storage, and retail at 1741-1747 & 1751 Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill has been lodged.

Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /

Keymax Building Group Pty Ltd is seeking approval for its proposed development of mixed used building that will contain food and drink outlets, health care service, indoor sport and recreation, office, shop veterinary service, warehouse, and associated advertising device.

Artist impression – View east from Anzac Avenue | Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /

Artist impression – View from Anzac Avenue | Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /

Designed by Brick Architects, the proposed development will be for a three-storey building with 14 tenancies (1,390 sqm) with a frontage to Anzac Avenue; 20 townhouses with frontages to both Anzac Ave and Linear Drive; small self-storage locker (1,010 sqm) consisting of 50 small self-locking storage spaces which will be located below ground level.

Lower Ground Level One Plan |  Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /
Ground Level Plan |  Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /

Under the proposal, the dwellings will be a mix of 16 two-bedroom and 4 three-bedroom units with balconies and garages fronting Linear Drive. The townhouses will have access to a single garage, with a storage area, that are all located on the lower ground level.

The plan also includes 56 car parking space for tenancies and 34 car parking spaces for residents.

Level One Plan Part A  | Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /
Level One Plan Part B  | Photo Credit: Moreton Bay City Council /

The Assessment Report by Plan Vista regarding the proposed development states that:

“The proposal is ideally located within convenient walking distance from the Mango Hill Train Station and the North Lakes Bus Station. The proposal provides a range of commercial tenancies which have proved to meet the demands for the scale of typical businesses within the North Lakes/Mango Hill area.

“The combination of Multiple Dwellings further supports the commercial premises and provides vibrancy and activation to the site and surrounding development.

“Finally, the small scale self-storage lockable spaces provide utility to the proposed development and provides opportunities for small scale spaces for personal items which are being sought by businesses and residents who do not have sufficient space to store important items and where larger self-storage facilities prove too large.”