Moreton Bay Kitchen Has Recipe for Success, Award-Winning Chef Champions Local Produce

Moreton Bay Kitchen

Moreton Bay Kitchen, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Deception Bay, has been making waves in the food industry with its delectable creations sourced from the abundant produce of the region. 

The restaurant’s commitment to using local ingredients not only resulted in a thriving business but also earned them the prestigious Award for Food & Agribusiness Excellence at the 2023 Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards held on 7 July 2023.

Founded in 2019 by the visionary and globally acclaimed chef, Suzie Albu, Moreton Bay Kitchen has carved a niche in the region’s food scene. Suzie’s culinary journey took her across continents and garnered several accolades for her innovative use of locally sourced produce while living in the countryside of the UK.

The secret to Suzie’s success lies in her unwavering dedication to supporting local farmers and small-scale suppliers. Through her extensive network, she utilizes resources like the Open Food Network and Reko Ring to find unique and healthy ingredients. 

Whether it’s crafting Moreton Bay Bug tortellini for a romantic Valentine’s Day menu or serving up a simple yet delightful plate of fish and chips, Suzie’s dishes have gained a loyal following due to their authentic flavors and the knowledge that they are made using fresh ingredients straight from the bay.

Suzie’s passion for championing lesser-known produce is evident in every aspect of Moreton Bay Kitchen’s operation and it’s motivated by her desire to provide “fantastic food for all sorts of people.” 

But the restaurant’s dedication to supporting local businesses extends beyond their own kitchen. Moreton Bay Kitchen is actively involved in the Reko crew, a network that promotes and strengthens local businesses. Suzie firmly believes that using local produce not only benefits her establishment but also contributes to the prosperity of the entire community.

The recognition for Food & Agribusiness Excellence at the Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards has left Suzie and her team ecstatic. Moreton Bay Kitchen’s commitment to sustainability, passion for elevating local produce, and the artistry of its talented chef have combined to create a recipe for success that continues to captivate the palates of food enthusiasts and critics alike. 

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Published 16-July-2023