Narangba Koala Stops Traffic, Man’s Patient Gestures Save the Day

Photo credit: Pascal Borener/Pexels

A koala brought traffic to a standstill one afternoon during the school pick-up rush in Narangba recently. The marsupial had wandered onto Boundary Road and plopped itself down on the asphalt, refusing to budge despite cars lining up in both directions.

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With dozens of drivers stuck and growing frustrated, one young man decided to take matters into his own hands. Barefoot and springing into action from his nearby ute, he approached the koala cautiously and tried gesturing for it to leave the road. Initially his efforts were unsuccessful as the apparently terrified animal stayed put.

But the Good Samaritan didn’t give up. He continued encouraging the koala from a safe distance until finally, after many attempts, the marsupial made its way off the busy street to safety on the roadside. His perseverance paid off and prevented what could have been a tragic situation.

Photo credit: Valeriia Miller/Pexels

One of the backed-up drivers told reporters the koala was “very lucky” not to have been struck by a vehicle given the heavy traffic at the time.

Koalas finding themselves in precarious situations on roads and in populated areas is not unheard of in the region. Just last month, another of the tree-dwelling marsupials was spotted sitting in Logan, requiring a brave passerby to physically remove it from harm’s way.

Photo credit: Valeriia Miller/Pexels

They are known for living in trees, but koalas actually spend a good amount of time traveling on the ground. Though these tree-dwelling animals sleep for over 20 hours a day in the branches, they have to come down to the ground and walk when moving between trees since they can’t swing through the treetops like monkeys.

Whilst their adventures sometimes make for amusing viral videos, experts warn that hectic development has put koala populations at risk as their habitats shrink. Simple acts of compassion like this young man’s can go a long way in preserving the iconic species for future generations.

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Published 29-March-2024