North Lakes Design Studio Helps Home Owners Decide

A huge design showroom has opened in North Lakes with the aim of helping home owners get some fresh design ideas that they can use for their abode.

The Evolve Design Studio is a showroom by residential builder Bold Properties. The showroom is open to the public and people do not have to be a client of Bold to browse through the home interior displays.

The home developer recognises the difficulty that people face when they think of building a new home. Brett Boulton, owner and director of Bold, wants the design studio to make home building as stress-free as possible for everyone.

Not only will home builders see what a certain fixture or furniture looks like, visitors of the showroom will learn how every item functions or fits in the room.

Evolve Design Studio boasts 500 sq m of space with full-sized kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and media room displays. Home owners and builders can also choose and try out different colours, finishes or fitting schemes in a full-scale interior.

Mr Boulton realises that people tend to have some difficulty making decisions about details. People would visit a display home and know what they want in general, but they usually hit a snag choosing materials and details because they cannot visualise how everything will look in a real room. This is the gap that the showroom would like to fill.

People coming to Evolve Design Studio do not have to commit to build with Bold. “A key point of difference is that anyone can come in at any time,” Mr Boulton stressed.

Visitors can also enjoy a cup of coffee while going around the rooms on display, thanks to a Bold Bean café brewing some fresh coffee for guests.