Community Lodges Overwhelming Objections to Planned Development at Site of Former North Lakes Golf Course

North Lakes Golf Course

The fate of a development proposal covering the site of the North Lakes Golf Course hangs in the balance as the community lodges an incredible 3,700 objections against the development submission.

The Village Retirement Group (TVRG) acquired the closed golf course in 2018 and aimed to donate a portion of the land to the Moreton Bay Regional Council for a public park whilst developing another section into aged care and retirement facilities.

Public notification for this development ran from 20 April to 1 June 2023 after TVRG filed DA/2022/3732 in Sept 2022.

Despite TVRG’s emphasis on the community’s support for the transformation and the recreational activities already taking place on the property, a passionate group of local residents has emerged to defend the golf course. 

Save North Lakes Golf Course, with over 4,200 members on Facebook, has rallied its supporters and organized fundraising events to bolster their objections during the public consultation phase. The group’s determination to preserve the golf course has led them to prepare formal objections, crafted by their town planner and solicitor, as the public consultation is set to begin.

Meanwhile, TVRG plans to launch a website to promote the proposed Eden Creek Parklands, highlighting its benefits and encouraging community members to express their support.

TVRG’s managing director, Justin Harrison, remains optimistic about the potential of the park to become the region’s premier green space. He stresses the significant financial advantage for the council, as obtaining land of similar quality would typically require millions of dollars.

The North Lakes Golf Course holds a special place in the heart of the community. The site is known for its scenic beauty and considered a vital component of the thriving suburb.

With a population of over 25,000 residents, the meticulously maintained course offers an irreplaceable green oasis in the midst of urban development. Moreover, it provides a sanctuary for numerous native animal species, safeguarding their habitats against encroaching urbanization.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council is expected to make a decision on the DA within the next two to three months. This decision will profoundly impact the character and future of North Lakes, a master-planned suburb built around the golf course and Lake Eden. Both these landmarks are deeply ingrained in the community’s identity and significantly contribute to residents’ quality of life.

Published 15-June-2023