North Lakes Pool Company Plunges into Liquidation Amidst Economic Challenges

North Lakes

A well-established pool construction company in the suburban heart of North Lakes has been pushed into voluntary liquidation as it grapples with the increasingly challenging economic landscape. 

Crown Pools & Spas, located at shop 4/25 Discovery Drive, North Lakes, took this difficult step after encountering insurmountable hurdles that ultimately led to its demise.

The company, which specialised in the creation of high-quality in-ground swimming pools, found itself unable to sustain its operations in the face of mounting financial difficulties. Ran by a husband and wife team, Crown Pools & Spas had a dedicated workforce of four employees, including the owners themselves.

The decision to cease trading was made between 16 and 20 Oct 2023, a pivotal period that marked the beginning of the end for the pool construction business. Following this, Hall Chadwick, a reputable accounting firm, was appointed as the liquidator to oversee the winding down of Crown Pools & Spas.

James Court, the representative from Hall Chadwick overseeing the liquidation, stated that the primary reason for the company’s downfall was its inability to meet the minimum financial requirements for a license with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Mr Court confirmed that the company’s revenue “has decreased in the last year due to rising interest rates and people being cautious with their spending, particularly on luxuries like swimming pools.”

The costs of materials have increased as well. 

As Crown Pools & Spas moves through the liquidation process, one of the crucial steps involves determining the exact amount owed to creditors. Mr Court affirmed that this is essential for the resolution of the company’s financial affairs. The director of Crown Pools & Spas has been given a deadline to provide the necessary financial records to assist in this assessment.

Crown Pools & Spas has yet to provide an official comment or statement.

Published 28-Oct-2023