North Lakes Residents Warned Of Mosquito Surge

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Moreton Bay residents, particularly those living in North Lakes and Strathpine are being warned to brace for mosquitoes as the warmer weather approaches. 

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The warning comes after ideal humid breeding conditions have led to an exponential explosion in mosquito numbers across South East Queensland. Mosquito season peaks in the region during the spring and summer months, typically from September through April when warmer weather allows the insects to thrive.

North Lakes and Strathpine have been previously identified as particularly severe hotspots showing intense mosquito activity. Residents in these areas have flooded officials with complaints as mosquitoes emerge in swarms.

Freshwater mosquitoes breed in water that has pooled beside roads, in reserves, parks, and yards (Photo credit:

Bloodsucking mosquitoes are already distressing many locals, swarming at unprecedented levels not seen in nearly two years, according to the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

“For the past 18 months, our weather conditions have resulted in fewer mosquitoes, which has been great for our residents. Unfortunately, our luck won’t last and we’re already seeing a higher visibility of these pests,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

The council ramped up mitigation efforts including increased light trapping, on-ground insecticide treatments, and public awareness campaigns targeting these hard-hit neighbourhoods. 

“Beyond taking to the skies, we’ve been installing light traps each week, starting barrier treatments around the Griffin and Mango Hill areas, and preparing fogging treatments in highly populated areas around Mango Hill, Griffin and North Lakes,” Mayor Flannery said. 

Experts say it’s not just mosquitoes on the rise – termites, ants, and flies are also reaching pest levels across South East Queensland following the wet weather. The combo of warmth and moisture is causing spikes in native insects that typically don’t pose issues at normal levels.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

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  • Use Repellent: Apply mosquito spray, especially at dusk/evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Dump Standing Water: Empty containers that allow mosquito breeding weekly, including plant dishes, buckets.
  • Set Up Fans: Position outdoor fans to blow air currents away, deterring mosquitoes from biting areas.
  • Apply Barrier Spray: Long lasting concentrates from hardware stores create mosquito-repelling barriers when professionally sprayed.
  • Take Multiple Precautions: Layer repellent, breeding prevention, air currents, and barrier sprays to minimise mosquito contact. Though difficult to fully avoid mosquito season, numbers will naturally fall as weather changes.

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Published 7-December-2023