North Lakes Table Tennis Association’s Girlpower Through Generations Supported by the Embracing 2018 Legacy Program

Photo credit: Santeri Viinamäki/Wikimedia Commons

Having the same goal as the  Embracing 2018 Legacy Program for the Gold Coast 2018, the North Lakes Table Tennis Association received funding to support their Girlpower Through Generations program.

The goal of the Embracing 2018 Legacy Program is to build active, engaged, and inclusive communities by motivating people to move and value their health more no matter what their age is. Similarly, North Lakes Table Tennis Association’s newest addition to their programs also has the same value.

The Girlpower Through Generations program that started in October 2017 was initially funded by the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. The program caters to young girls, mothers, and grandmothers who want to have a unique experience of getting active together and engaging in a sport that they can share for a lifetime.

This program is a great way for the young and older generations to reconnect and spend quality time together while staying active and having fun. Table tennis is suitable for all ages since it is a non-contact, low impact sport that does not require a particular skill or fitness level.

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / Huskyherz / Pixabay

A specialised training program has been developed for adults and the elderly, as well as participants with a disability or limited mobility.

The Girlpower Through Generations is specifically designed for family members who want to get active together. Girls who wish to join the program have to register with both or either of their mother and grandmother.

The program is scheduled every Friday, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. and runs for 10 weeks. Only a fee of $20 will be paid for registration. No need to pay more for the succeeding games, however, do take note that spaces are limited.

To learn more about the program and updates on game schedules, visit the North Lakes Table Tennis Association Facebook page and official website or email

Venue: Hall of The Lakes College, 2 College Street, North Lakes