North Lakes Wildlife Crossing Not a Priority, Says State Government

An initiative to build wildlife crossing has been blocked by state government as it decided that it is not a top priority project.

Dave Norman, founder of North Lakes and Mango Hill Environment Group is urging the government to help protect native animals by constructing a wildlife crossing between two key nature reserves. In September, the group pushed for the crossing to be built over Anzac Avenue after a kangaroo was hit and killed on that road.

Adding a wildlife crossing on Anzac Ave would make it safer for animals to move between North Lakes Environmental Reserve and Hays Inlet Conservation Park.

Mr Norman said that at least half a dozen kangaroos got hit on Anzac Ave in the last five years.

The group is asking the government to build a rope bridge for koalas and possums. They are also asking for an upgrade of the bridge over Saltwater Creek, which can be used by animals to follow the creek bed and cross under the road.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads explained that such an upgrade would need major modifications. Installation of an overhead crossing or underpass on Anzac Ave would also compete with other priorities in the state.