View Open Homes in North Lakes With VR Technology

Photo Credit: Kindred

In the market for a new house? There’s an added risk to going to open homes these days, amidst the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. A realty group with a shop in Westfield North Lakes, however, has found an innovative solution for its clients by using virtual reality (VR) technology. 

Kindred Property Group has a fully equipped VR facility in its North Lakes establishment to cater to customers who want to look at many properties to rent or buy without the potential health risks.

“The virtual real estate stations located in this retail environment allow multiple customers to view countless properties at their own leisure, or supported by one of our Customer Care team member,” said Daniel Lyngcoln, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

Photo Credit: Kindred

Even without the threat of COVID-19, VR technology still brings many advantages for customers. Open houses can be a time-consuming process but the VR facility may cut this inconvenience as customers can have actual inspections of the properties they are interested in without leaving Kindred’s office. 

The VR experience is fully immersive, allowing potential house buyers to view the property from a real-time 360-degree angle. For realtors, a VR facility is also a great investment that may be more advantageous than traditional advertising and staging. 

Since introducing the VR facility at its Westfield North Lakes site, Kindred’s foot traffic has increased. The company has also received more appraisal requests as well as tenancy applications. 

“We believe that to remain relevant in a new world, we need to look at real estate differently,”  Josh Kindred, the CEO of Kindred Property Group said.