Proposed North Lakes Private Hospital and Car Park Delayed

Stages 1 and 2 of the North Lakes Private Hospital development at 2 Mclennan Court have been completed but it appears the hospital itself and the car park will be delayed for a number of years.

Stockland North Lakes, in behalf of property and planning consultants Development Evolution, requested to extend the relevant period for the Stages 3 and 4 of the development namely the 200-bed hospital and the car park.

Michael McErlean, Senior Advisor for Planning at Development Evolution, cited that the demand for an additional private hospital space in the region has taken longer to materialise than commercial space within North Lakes.

Mr. McErlean said the timing for this improvement and the “flow on” demand for additional hospital space is uncertain.

“It is our view that the stage 3 and 4 approved development continues to be consist with the current planning requirements and expectations of the community. This request has been made to ensure the currency period for stages 3 and 4 of the development remains valid,” Mr. McErlean wrote.

North Lakes Private Hospital Precinct Plans

The proposed development application for the North Lakes Private Hospital Precinct will include specialised health care land uses, a private hospital and a hotel with an integrated function centre, restaurant and lounge. The entire development precinct is anticipated to be completed in four stages.

The first and second stages have been developed and have commenced operation. These are the 120-room hotel, a 30-sqm associated lounge, 141-sqm associated restaurant, a 564-sqm associated function room, a 7,420-sqm specialist medical centre and 372-sqm associated cafe and pharmacy.

Upon completion of the proposed hospital stage, a total parking requirement of 856 spaces is expected. The current master plan indicates a total future provision of 830 parking spaces.

The applicant is confident the proposed development remains relevant to the expected future demand for the North Lakes community and surrounding region. The development will be progressed earlier should the project become financially viable within the six years extension.

For updates on North Lakes Private Hospital precinct, see the Full Development Application.