Major Development! North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct Proposed in Mango Hill

The corner of Diamond Jubilee Way and Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill is set to become the North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct if a proposal to build a new hotel, healthcare facility, and garden centre with a market comes to fruition. 

As detailed in DA/2021/5089 filed with Moreton Bay Regional Council in December 2021, the North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct will consist of two building with five and three storeys each to serve as a 112-room short-term stay hotel, naturopathy centre, and day spa. These buildings will also have plenty of retail spaces on the ground floor for shopping and dining establishments.

Photo Credit: DA Tracker/Moreton Bay

Some of the restaurants will offer “garden to table” dining options, healthy organic food, and a coffee garden where visitors may relax and enjoy their weekend afternoons surrounded by plenty of greenery.

 Designs for the development also include spaces for a farmer’s market with a community garden, as well as a range of functional recreational areas for events and other activities, such as a band stand and a food truck area. Plans for a wildlife rehabilitation shelter facility could also be accommodated within the precinct.  

Photo Credit: DA Tracker/Moreton Bay
Photo Credit: DA Tracker/Moreton Bay

“The home, garden and health care centre building have also been designed close to the alignment of Kinsellas Road and Anzac Avenue to establish a corner landmark,” according to the planners, Urbis. “Height in this location is less than the eco-hotel, which provides a sensitive transition to the open space and lower-density uses along Kinsellas Road and south of Diamond Jubilee Way”.

“Sufficient setbacks are proposed between the home, garden and health care centre and eco-hotel buildings to ensure a high level of amenity and mitigate direct overlooking into habitable spaces. Views through the carpark and arrival forecourt, along with the on-site landscaping, break up the overall building mass and provide visual interest when viewed from properties across Anzac Avenue.”

Some 233 car park spaces at the basement and ground floor have also been planned in the design, with vehicle access in five driveways along Kinsella Road and Anzac Avenue.