Backyard Fire Pits: Public Consultation Opens as Moreton Bay Reviews Local Law

Backyard fire pits and outdoor barbeques might be appealing for some residents, especially when the autumn weather brings crisp, cool winds and brisk weather. Moreton Bay Regional Council is conducting a review of the local law prohibiting the use of backyard fire pits, in order to set a new standard for the benefit of the community in North Lakes and other suburbs in the region.

Currently, Moreton Bay Regional Council prohibits the lighting or maintaining of backyard fire pits or outdoor fires in properties with an allotment of less than 3,000 square metres, except if the fire is enclosed or contained in a pit, cooking device or fireplace.

As much as possible, locals may also only use clean, dry and non-toxic combustible materials for burning and the pit must also be completely “wetted down” or extinguished after use. Any resident lighting fires in the open is expected to inform their neighbours at least 48 hours before, either verbally or through a written message.  

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The law on backyard fire pits also requires a responsible person to be “in attendance” at all times until the fire is out. 

The Council disallows the lighting of fires before 7:00 a.m. and at dusk, whilst fire pits at public lands, such as parks or beaches, are generally prohibited unless a written approval has been secured.

Residents who might have issues with the current law have until 30 June 2021 to submit their suggestions, comments and ideas about backyard fire pits, as well as 40 other local laws through the online survey or through email at Also up for review are the Local Laws on animal control, advertising signs, public land activities, festivals and events, overgrown lawns, parking and community gardens.