Kallangur Tradie’s Tragedy Ignites Wave of Community Support

Brad Stapleton, a homeless tradesman, has sparked significant community support after revealing the severe vandalism of his makeshift tent home in Kallangur, highlighting the escalating issue of homelessness in the state.

A forklift operator with over two decades of experience, Brad has been forced to live in a tent at Leis Park since October 2023 due to an inability to secure permanent housing. 

This period of rough living was marred by repeated vandal attacks by local youths, leaving his few possessions—including clothing, a barbecue, and a cherished guitar—severely damaged.

The destruction of Brad’s tent and belongings led him to share his plight on a local Facebook group, which quickly rallied community support. 

Community Response and Support

His story resonated deeply, leading to an outpouring of sympathy and assistance, including a generous offer from a retired couple in Lawnton, providing him with a room rent-free. 

 Lisa Holt from Kallangur also opened a fundraiser page

Photo Credit: Nourish Street/Facebook

The region has seen a worrying increase in the number of homeless individuals setting up tents as more residents struggle with the ongoing rental crisis. 

Local charity workers, including Beau Haywood, the founder of Nourish Street, have noted a significant rise in homelessness, with the charity now supporting a hundred individuals daily, a stark increase from two years ago.

Charity Spotlight: Nourish Street

Beau and his charity have played a crucial role in addressing the needs of the homeless in Moreton Bay. Operating seven days a week, Beau and his team distribute food, mattresses, and other essentials to those impacted by the housing shortage. 

Despite personal hardships, including his own experience with homelessness, Beau continues to drive support for this vulnerable population with limited resources and increasing demand.

As the homelessness crisis deepens, Nourish Street faces growing challenges. Each week, the number of new tents rises, signalling a continuous increase in the homeless population. The organisation’s reach has expanded, but so has the need for resources, particularly food and camping essentials. 

Nourish Street’s efforts are funded through personal savings and sporadic donations, highlighting a critical gap in governmental support for grassroots charity initiatives. Community contributions, whether through donations of essentials or financial support, are crucial to sustaining and expanding these much-needed services.

Published 24-April-2o24