Proposal for New Mango Hill Shopping Centre Approved

Did you know that the development application calling for the construction of a new shopping centre in Mango Hill has been approved by the Moreton Bay Regional Council and construction is now underway?

The two-storey shopping centre designed by Cottee Parker can be found along Capestone Boulevard, offering the local community a slew of tenancies such as specialty stores, a pharmacy, a gym, retail spaces, restaurants and cafes, and even a supermarket. 

Though plans were first lodged (DA/31921/2016/V2C) in 2019. On the 11th of December 2020, the development application has since undergone some changes (DA/31921/2016/VCHG/2) before being approved by the council once again.

Ground level tenancies will include a supermarket that spans an area of 2,044 square metres and a series of specialty stores that take up 872 square metres. Dining and cafe tenancies 389 square metres large will also be available after the shopping centre’s construction, as will medical stores and pharmacies with an area of 610 square metres. 

Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Fortunately for families, the upcoming shopping centre caters to the recreational needs of all ages, with pedestrian walking areas that make for a leisurely strolling experience while providing children with an accessible playground area to play and interact with one another.

As for the upcoming shopping centre’s first level, the floor will house an 855 square metre gym and amenities, as well a 504 square metre segment of the building dedicated to commercial and medical stores. 

Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

The area of the new shopping centre, which can be found at 67 Capestone Boulevard, Mango Hill, has been measured to be1.23 hectares large, providing a total of 5,241 square metres of gross floor area. 151 car parking spaces will be available on the ground level. 

Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Ultimately, an area of 3,403 square metres will be used for specialty shops, pharmacy, gym, medical, commercial, restaurants, cafes and amenities all throughout the site.