Deception Bay’s New Digital Platform Makes Exploring History More Interactive

A more enriching experience awaits visitors of Deception Bay as the Moreton Bay Regional Council recently launched a new digital platform to make exploring this area’s rich history more exciting and interactive.

The new Deception Bay Digital Heritage Trail web portal is filled with audio interviews and stories from locals and early residents. The site also hosts hundreds of historical photos that allow visitors to see what life was before this town became a bigger community.

Visitors taking a walk on the Captain Cook Parade can easily access the portal at designated points. To hear the stories and see the old photos would allow the guests to have an interactive experience during their trip to the heritage site.

The Bancroft family had a large meatworks site in the late early 1900s.
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council
A nostalgic view of Deception Bay before settlers built villages.
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Mary Otto and Viv Tucker helped develop the Deception Bay Digital Heritage Trail over 10 years ago. Since then, the Council has undertaken two successful trials at the Redcliffe Convict Trail and the Redcliffe Esplanade Walk.

Ms Otto, who’s originally from Liverpool in England, arrived in Deception Bay in 1971. She said that she has always been curious about the history of places, including Deception Bay.

Mary Otto, Viv Tucker and Councillor Peter Flannery worked together on the digital platform of Deception Bay Heritage Trail
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

One of her earlier projects for the Deception Bay Heritage Trail involved the installation of the plaques at the Bancroft family’s bathing site. She actively worked on this project with the members of the Deception Bay Cultural Development Group and she discussed the 2004 archaeological excavation of the bath in one of the audio presentations on the new digital trail.

Ms Otto is grateful for technology for making it easier to bring history to the present generation. As a history buff, she loves going to the Pine Rivers Museum where there are interesting electronic maps and buttons that list the descendants of the pioneers, who speak about their ancestors.

The Deception Bay Heritage Trail map shows all the stops
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Councillor Peter Flannery, who also contributed to this digitalisation project, agreed with Ms Otto on the value of technology to history.

“History is preserved by sharing stories like these and through technology, it can be relived and enjoyed for generations to come,” Cr Flannery said.