New $5-M Hall at North Lakes’ Bounty Boulevard State School Officially Opened

Bounty Boulevard State School, the largest state primary school, has recently opened its much awaited multi-purpose hall.

After years of campaigning, with the help of a $5-million funding from the Queensland government, the school was finally able to build the multi-purpose hall that it badly needs.

Credit: Facebook/Bounty Boulevard State School

Constructed between May and December 2017, the new facility was officially opened in 18 April 2018.

The new school hall is a state-of-the-art facility capable of hosting the school’s musical and sporting events. Not only that, the school community also benefits from the additional 46 parking spaces which have also been included in the project.

According to Education Minister Grace Grace, the government is pleased to deliver the project to support the school community for many years to come.

“I know this wonderful new hall has been a welcome addition for the school,” Ms Grace said.

“Bounty Boulevard State School has grown in step with the surrounding local community, opening with 130 students in 2009 and growing to an enrolment today of more than 1,400,” she added.

Education Minister Grace Grace and Member for Murrumba Chris Whiting at the Official Opening of the New Hall Photo credit:

Member for Murrumba Chris Whiting was the one who helped to secure the $5 million funding for the Bounty Boulevard State School.

Together with the school leadership, the P&C, and school community, their efforts in campaigning for the school hall were finally rewarded as the project successfully became a part of the Government’s $200 million Advancing Queensland Schools Fund.

“It has been a privilege to work with the Bounty Boulevard school community to secure this much-needed hall for them,” Mr Whiting said.

“It was clear that Queensland’s largest primary school needed a hall, and it is great the current Education Minister Grace Grace was able to open it,” he added.

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The new hall currently houses a multipurpose sports court, stage area, storage rooms, amenities, and change rooms. It also includes kitchen facilities, a multi-purpose area, and an outside school hours care office and activity area.

According to Bounty Boulevard State School principal Paul McSwiney, they have been using the hall since February 2018.

Credit: Facebook/Bounty Boulevard State School

The facility is perfect for wet weather play and PE lessons. It also enhances music, drama, and sport in the school.

“This is a fabulous addition both for our school and for the local community,” Mr McSwiney said.

“Already the community is on board, with basketball being played here two nights a week and the hall acting as a venue for church services on Sundays,” he added.

The school is very excited as the latest addition to their facilities was officially opened. Certainly, the new school hall will be a great asset not only for the school but also for the local community for years to come.