$3.1 Billion Housing Plan Unveiled, Mango Hill Integral to Key Initiative

A landmark $3.1-billion housing initiative has been unveiled, encompassing Mango Hill as one of the prominent places to figure into this strategy to address the housing shortage and enhance affordability.

The Homes for Queenslanders package covers various strategies, including leasing public land to developers and piloting innovative development models. The plan has been created to accelerate housing construction and meet the needs of Queensland’s rapidly growing population.

In conjunction with the land leasing initiative, the government will invest $350 million to establish an Infrastructure Infill Fund, specifically targeting private infill developments. Premier Steven Miles emphasised the importance of these developments being well-located and close to essential amenities like schools and healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, the government will pilot a ground lease model to facilitate the creation of social and affordable housing on surplus government land. This initiative aims to unlock housing opportunities and promote housing diversity in urban areas. An inclusionary planning pilot program will also be implemented to educate developers on adopting inclusive planning models, targeting suburbs such as Varsity Lakes, Pimlico, and Mango Hill.

The Homes for Queenslanders plan also allocates $160 million to support the rental market and $390 million for homelessness services, including establishing eight new youth foyers to assist young people at risk of homelessness.

Mango Hill
Photo Credit: StevenMiles/Facebook

“A key pillar of the Homes for Queenslanders plan is building more homes faster,” Mr Miles said

“The Infrastructure Infill Fund, combined with initiatives like the Ground Lease Delivery Model, will deliver more housing options in demand areas – close to schools, transport and healthcare.

“This funding is in direct response to the feedback we’ve received from industry.

“My government is listening, and we want to work together to get the job done.

“As Queensland grows, so must our approach to partnering with industry players to unlock more social and affordable homes.”

Minister for Housing Meaghan Scanlon highlighted the government’s commitment to partnering with the private sector to enhance housing supply and affordability. The ground lease model is expected to attract new investors into the housing market, fostering increased supply, including social and affordable housing options.

Industry stakeholders welcomed the government’s initiatives, recognising the potential to expedite housing delivery and reduce costs. The Queensland Property Council and the Planning Institute of Australia commended the government’s efforts to promote housing diversity and support urban infill development.

Published 11-March-2024

North Lakes Among Key Suburbs in Zonta Club’s Domestic Violence Initiative

The suburbs of North Lakes, Deception Bay, and Mango Hill have become focal points for a significant initiative led by the Zonta Club of Redcliffe. Aimed at supporting victims of domestic violence, this initiative involves the creation of safe rooms at local police stations, a move that resonates with the community’s dedication to social welfare and support.

These safe rooms, conceived as serene and supportive spaces, are being developed in police stations across the three suburbs. The primary goal is to offer a comforting environment for victims of domestic violence during their interactions with law enforcement. This initiative represents a deep understanding of the trauma and sensitivity associated with such circumstances.

Local businesses and residents have rallied together to support this cause. Contributions have been diverse and substantial: Bunnings Rothwell and Dulux have provided paint and equipment, while Costco has contributed towards children’s furniture. Carpet One has generously donated comfortable seating, and the community has chipped in with toys and educational materials for children. This array of donations reflects a heartening community spirit, underlining a collective commitment to social responsibility.

The Zonta Club of Redcliffe, renowned for its advocacy against domestic violence, has seamlessly integrated this project into its broader campaign. Echoing the sentiments of their international “Say No to Domestic Violence” campaign, the club’s activities in North Lakes, Deception Bay, and Mango Hill exemplify their dedication to the cause. Notable among these is their participation in the Orange Activism Breakfast and the 16 Days of Activism, during which they advocate for awareness and change.

Furthermore, the Zonta Club has historically undertaken impactful initiatives such as installing plaques with anti-domestic violence messages in public spaces. Their support extends to organizations like The Refuge at Clontarf, providing essentials to women in need, thereby weaving a safety net across the community.

As these safe rooms near completion, they symbolise not just a physical space of refuge, but also the community’s unwavering commitment to battling domestic violence. In these challenging times, such initiatives remind us of the strength found in unity and the enduring power of compassion.

Published 19-Nov-2023

North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct Coming to Mango Hill

A $72-million North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct has been approved for development in Mango Hill and is expected to provide a much-needed addition to the tourist amenities of the Moreton Bay region, an area that had 4.3 million visitors in 2021 and now has roughly double the number of annual visitors that Noosa does.

Maple Development Group is set to develop the North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct which is projected to deliver more than 150 jobs to the region.

Once completed, a five-storey 112-room eco-hotel, the first in the region, will feature a day spa; organic grocer; garden-to-table dining venues; recreational events; food trucks; a naturopathy home; and a garden centre.

To be located on Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill, the North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct is dubbed as an “oasis” for guests who are looking for a destination where they can relax and unwind. It will offer indoor and outdoor spaces, natural lighting, breezeblock walls, a fire pit, outdoor yoga platform, and plenty of greenery.

 New Eco-Hotel and Wellness Precinct Is Coming to Mango Hill
Photo credit:  Moreton Bay Regional Council / moretonbay.qld.gov.au/

The eco-hotel and wellness development project is a welcome addition to the region. Given the growing tourism in the area, Moreton Bay needs up to eight hotels, four of them needed by 2026. A total of 1,035 hotel rooms are needed to be delivered by 2032.

“Moreton Bay is an opportunity not to be missed. We now see double the number of annual visitors that Noosa does, with 4.3 million visitors in 2021, and the fact is we don’t have enough accommodation to meet demand,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

“We currently only have 204 full-service rooms which has been exposed by a growing number of major events, festivals and sporting events such as KiteFest, the NRLW Grand Final, Abbey Festival, Jetty-2-Jetty, Taste of Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival, and many more.

“I applaud the team behind North Lakes Eco Lifestyle Precinct for being ahead of the pack, this investment marks another milestone on our goal of becoming Queensland’s $40-billion engine room.”

 North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct
Photo credit:  Moreton Bay Regional Council / moretonbay.qld.gov.au/

“Developments like this will help push Moreton Bay closer to being among the top Queensland tourist destinations.”

The eco-hotel project is also aligned with Moreton Bay’s s commitment to sustainability and “going green as we grow” with features including a naturopathy centre to cater to home, garden and health care, a farmer’s market, a wildlife rehabilitation shelter facility, community food gardens, a drive-through compost, and garden waste drop off point.


The North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct is set to be built on the corner of Anzac Avenue and Diamond Jubilee Way in Mango Hill.  It is expected to be completed by mid-2026.

Published 18-January-2023

Baby and Kids Flagship Store Opens in Mango Hill, Now Bigger and Better

A baby and kids boutique has recently opened its brand new (and much larger!) store in Mango Hill, with a kids’ play area and wider aisles for prams to make shopping more convenient for customers.

The twin sister tandem of Ashlea Soto and Lauren Rune has just opened their new Peppa Penny flagship store on 22 October 2022 on Mango Hill. The brand has evolved from a homewares and gift store to a baby and kids boutique during its five-year journey.

Before Ahslea and Lauren finished college with a business management degree, the pair honed their entrepreneurial skills at markets when they were still teenagers. They then explored the world of internet commerce, selling foil prints back in 2014. After three years, the twin sisters opened their first brick-and-mortar store, Peppa Penny, in March 2017.

 Peppa Penny
Photo credit: Facebook / Peppa Penny

For about two years, the store has been selling a range of homewares from leading brands including Axel & Ash, Zakkia, Olli Ella, and H&G Designs, along with vases, furniture pieces and other gift items with just a small dedicated space for the baby gift section.

 Peppa Penny
Photo credit: Facebook / Peppa Penny 

At some point, they thought of closing the shop as it wasn’t doing well during its first couple of years but decided to rebrand it instead as a full-fledged baby and kids store since this section has been quite popular among its patrons. And it was then that things started to turn around.  

“Starting your own business is no joke! There is definitely a steep learning curve, it’s very true when people say you don’t make money for the first 2-3 years. But the journey has been so worth it and we still pinch ourselves that this month we will be moving to our new store that is TWICE as big so we can make Peppa Penny even more worth the visit for all our lovely customers..” – Peppa Penny

 Peppa Penny
Photo credit: Facebook / Peppa Penny

And today, the shop has grown bigger and better. Apart from baby and kids products, the new flagship store offers a kids’ play area to keep the little ones busy as you shop plus free gift wrapping and in-store events. The interior is fitted with wide aisles for prams so there’s plenty of space to move around.

Peppa Penny is located at Shop 8/1751 Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill. Hours of operations are from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm; Saturday, 9 am – 3:30 pm; and Sunday, 9 am-2 pm.

Peppa Penny | Shop 8/1751 Anzac Ave, Mango Hill QLD 4509, Australia

Construction Of Quintess Retirement Community In Mango Hill Underway

Quintess Retirement Community, the new retirement village in Mango Hill has just passed a significant milestone, with homes starting to take shape and some residents preparing to move in by the end of the year.

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As of September 2022, the team at Quintess Retirement Community revealed they are aiming to make the first villas available to move into in the last week of October.

For the first block, all plaster and kitchens have been installed, as well as the garage doors, and all type 1 villas have all been painted internally. Works on the construction of the roads have commenced and many truckloads of road base were delivered to the site in September.

The development will provide 117 two-bedroom and 28 three-bedroom townhouses for over-65s and each townhouse will have its own car parking.

Quintess Retirement Community
Photo credit: quintess.com.au

It features a recreation centre with resort-style amenities and a community park for families.

The village is near North Lakes Day Hospital, Westfield North Lakes, North Lakes library and Mango Hill Village.

Quintess Retirement Community
Photo credit: Quintess Retirement Community/Facebook

It’s also the first retirement village in Brisbane to incorporate a childcare centre. It’s a multigenerational community which aims to link all ages and stages with parks, shared facilities and retirement homes.

Designed by Plus Architecture, the retirement village features flowing open floorplans which offer generous spaces and inclusive design that allows residents to personalise townhomes to suit their needs.

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The retirement village is a project of developer Adrian Barnett, who just debuted in the retirement living sector. 

Barnett and his team are looking to complete the Stage 2 villas by December this year, so residents can move into their new homes before Christmas.

Major Development! North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct Proposed in Mango Hill

The corner of Diamond Jubilee Way and Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill is set to become the North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct if a proposal to build a new hotel, healthcare facility, and garden centre with a market comes to fruition. 

As detailed in DA/2021/5089 filed with Moreton Bay Regional Council in December 2021, the North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct will consist of two building with five and three storeys each to serve as a 112-room short-term stay hotel, naturopathy centre, and day spa. These buildings will also have plenty of retail spaces on the ground floor for shopping and dining establishments.

Photo Credit: DA Tracker/Moreton Bay

Some of the restaurants will offer “garden to table” dining options, healthy organic food, and a coffee garden where visitors may relax and enjoy their weekend afternoons surrounded by plenty of greenery.

 Designs for the development also include spaces for a farmer’s market with a community garden, as well as a range of functional recreational areas for events and other activities, such as a band stand and a food truck area. Plans for a wildlife rehabilitation shelter facility could also be accommodated within the precinct.  

Photo Credit: DA Tracker/Moreton Bay
Photo Credit: DA Tracker/Moreton Bay

“The home, garden and health care centre building have also been designed close to the alignment of Kinsellas Road and Anzac Avenue to establish a corner landmark,” according to the planners, Urbis. “Height in this location is less than the eco-hotel, which provides a sensitive transition to the open space and lower-density uses along Kinsellas Road and south of Diamond Jubilee Way”.

“Sufficient setbacks are proposed between the home, garden and health care centre and eco-hotel buildings to ensure a high level of amenity and mitigate direct overlooking into habitable spaces. Views through the carpark and arrival forecourt, along with the on-site landscaping, break up the overall building mass and provide visual interest when viewed from properties across Anzac Avenue.”

Some 233 car park spaces at the basement and ground floor have also been planned in the design, with vehicle access in five driveways along Kinsella Road and Anzac Avenue. 

Plans Finalised for $10-Million Mango Hill Station Upgrades

After years of studies and deliberation, the plans for a $10-million park ’n’ ride upgrade of the busy Mango Hill Station, badly needed by commuters in the Redcliffe Peninsula Line, have been finalised.

This project will see an addition of 280 car parking spaces that will relieve the parking pressures and increase the efficiency of such a high-frequency transport network. 

Aside from the increase in parking spaces, the Meyer Circuit kiss ‘n’ ride and taxi zone will be replaced and relocated with a bus stop for approximately four buses. The facilities will also include lighting and CCTV for enhanced visibility and security, pedestrian paths to and from the station, additional disabled parking bays, and landscaping of the area.

In a joint statement, Federal Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP said that the Commonwealth has committed $4 million for the upgrades under the Urban Congestion Fund, whilst the Queensland Government will provide $6 million. 


  • Plans have been finalised for the Mango Hill Station upgrades with 280 additional car parking spaces.
  • The Meyer Circuit kiss ‘n’ ride and taxi zone will be replaced and relocated with a bus stop.
  • Final designs will be unveiled in early 2022 with construction set to start in the latter part of the year.

“The Mango Hill Station upgrade is just the latest example of us delivering on our commitment to progress critical infrastructure projects across the country under our record $110 billion 10-year infrastructure investment pipeline, which is helping to drive Australia’s world-leading economic recovery,” Mr Fletcher said.  

“When we opened the Redcliffe Peninsula line a few years ago we knew it would be popular but we were all shocked at just how quickly locals took to their new train line,” Deputy Queensland Premier and State Member for Murrumba Steven Miles said.  

“Here at Mango Hill Station the carpark gets full nearly everyday before 8, people are missing their trains or just driving into work. So we’re building a massive upgrade to the carpark, boosting the number of parks to 400. Soon you’ll be able to spend less time looking for a park and more time with your family.” 

Photo Credit: Steven Miles MP/Facebook

According to Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister, the Hon Mark Bailey MP, the Mango Hill upgrades will reduce traffic congestions as more people will be able to easily take the train or bus. The upgrades will also see through the creation of 20 direct jobs during the construction. 

Design details for the improved Mango Hill Station will be released in early 2022 with construction to follow in the latter part of the year. For more information about this project, visit the Transport and Main Roads official site

New Fire Station to Be Built on Steel Street

For years, the North Lakes and Mango Hill community have been lobbying for a new fire station as the nearest services still come from bordering suburbs, taking some time to reach emergency situations. Now, plans to build the facility are finally taking shape as a suitable site has been determined by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES).

The new fire station is a 5,000-sqm property on Steel Street near Boundary Road. QFES said that the location’s access to major roads was vital to the decision. 

Following a lot of mapping and deliberation, with inputs from advocates for the fire station’s establishment, such as the Mango Hill Progress Association (MHPA), the QFES said that this site will give “best responses to particular calls for service.” On the other hand, the State Government also supported the need for fire service for North Lakes and Mango Hill and purchased the land. Funding was approved in October 2020. 


  • A 5,000-sqm property on Steel Street will be the site of the new fire station
  • It was chosen for its access to major roads in North Lakes and Mango Hill.
  • Planning and design of the new facility will take at least 12 months. 

“The land has been purchased for a new Fire & Rescue Station to service North Lakes/Mango Hill and the surrounding areas,” Minister for Fire and Emergency Services and State Member for Morayfield Mark Ryan said

“To be called ‘Moreton Bay Central Fire & Rescue Station,’ the new station located at Steel Street (near Boundary Road) will greatly enhance emergency responses and support community safety.

Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Daily

“Many thanks to local groups like the Mango Hill Progress Association and local MPs Chris Whiting, Steven Miles and Shane King for their strong advocacy for this project.”

Mr Ryan also said that the next phase of the plan, which will roll out in the next 12 months, is to go through the design process and planning. Once approved, the construction timeline will be revealed to the public. 

In an earlier meeting with MHPA, State Member Chris Whiting projected that the new fire station will likely be built by 2024. 

Proposal for New Mango Hill Shopping Centre Approved

Did you know that the development application calling for the construction of a new shopping centre in Mango Hill has been approved by the Moreton Bay Regional Council and construction is now underway?

The two-storey shopping centre designed by Cottee Parker can be found along Capestone Boulevard, offering the local community a slew of tenancies such as specialty stores, a pharmacy, a gym, retail spaces, restaurants and cafes, and even a supermarket. 

Though plans were first lodged (DA/31921/2016/V2C) in 2019. On the 11th of December 2020, the development application has since undergone some changes (DA/31921/2016/VCHG/2) before being approved by the council once again.

Ground level tenancies will include a supermarket that spans an area of 2,044 square metres and a series of specialty stores that take up 872 square metres. Dining and cafe tenancies 389 square metres large will also be available after the shopping centre’s construction, as will medical stores and pharmacies with an area of 610 square metres. 

Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Fortunately for families, the upcoming shopping centre caters to the recreational needs of all ages, with pedestrian walking areas that make for a leisurely strolling experience while providing children with an accessible playground area to play and interact with one another.

As for the upcoming shopping centre’s first level, the floor will house an 855 square metre gym and amenities, as well a 504 square metre segment of the building dedicated to commercial and medical stores. 

Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

The area of the new shopping centre, which can be found at 67 Capestone Boulevard, Mango Hill, has been measured to be1.23 hectares large, providing a total of 5,241 square metres of gross floor area. 151 car parking spaces will be available on the ground level. 

Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Ultimately, an area of 3,403 square metres will be used for specialty shops, pharmacy, gym, medical, commercial, restaurants, cafes and amenities all throughout the site. 

Retirement Village, Childcare Centre, and Residential Care Facility on Mango Hill Proposed

A development application for a retirement village, childcare centre, and residential care facility on Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill has been lodged.

retirement village, childcare centre, and residential care facility on Anzac Avenue
Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council / moretonbay.qld.gov.au

The application seeks approval to establish an integrated senior’s living development on a 47,911sqm site, located at 1725 and 1729 Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill, over three stages: childcare centre and a new recreational park (Stage 1); retirement village (Stage 2); and residential care (Stage 3).  

retirement village, childcare centre, and residential care facility on Anzac Avenue
Proposed Childcare Centre 
Photo credit: Raymond Design – Moreton Bay Regional Council / moretonbay.qld.gov.au   

The childcare centre and new park will be situated on a lot covering a total area of 2,503sqm. The childcare centre will be able to accommodate up to 86 children and will have a maximum building height of 7.40 metres.

The facility will feature five activity rooms, two sleep rooms, reception area, kitchen, and office spaces. The application also proposes 14 parking bays along either side of the driveway or a total of  28 parking spaces, including 1 disabled parking bay. 

The proposed park, on the other hand, will cover an area of 5,465 sqm. The application proposes four (4) car parking spaces, various footpaths designed to access Linear Drive, a playground, dog park area, and kick about space.

retirement village, childcare centre, and residential care facility on Anzac Avenue
Photo credit: Plus Architecture – Moreton Bay Regional Council / moretonbay.qld.gov.au

The seniors living will be situated on 30,916 sqm allotment and will contain 145 dwelling units across 17 buildings of up to three-storeys high. A resident parking bay is provided for each unit, as well as 25 parking bays for visitors and employees.

A single-storey recreation centre along the Southern boundary is also included in the proposal and will include: reception area; office space; lounge and dining room; kitchenette with an adjoining bar/servery; multi-function room, cinema, bowling green; and pool.

retirement village, childcare centre, and residential care facility on Anzac Avenue
Photo credit: Plus Architecture – Moreton Bay Regional Council / moretonbay.qld.gov.au

The residential care development will be located on a 6,094 sqm allotment and will have a gross floor area of 14,470 sqm with a maximum building height of 21 metres. The facility will include 135 rooms across five levels with 30 rooms on levels 1 to 4 and 15 rooms on level 5. 

The car parking area will be located at the ground level and will include 44 parking bays, including two disabled bays, as well as bike parking (3 visitor and 20 staff).