Narangba Koala Stops Traffic, Man’s Patient Gestures Save the Day

A koala brought traffic to a standstill one afternoon during the school pick-up rush in Narangba recently. The marsupial had wandered onto Boundary Road and plopped itself down on the asphalt, refusing to budge despite cars lining up in both directions.

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With dozens of drivers stuck and growing frustrated, one young man decided to take matters into his own hands. Barefoot and springing into action from his nearby ute, he approached the koala cautiously and tried gesturing for it to leave the road. Initially his efforts were unsuccessful as the apparently terrified animal stayed put.

But the Good Samaritan didn’t give up. He continued encouraging the koala from a safe distance until finally, after many attempts, the marsupial made its way off the busy street to safety on the roadside. His perseverance paid off and prevented what could have been a tragic situation.

Photo credit: Valeriia Miller/Pexels

One of the backed-up drivers told reporters the koala was “very lucky” not to have been struck by a vehicle given the heavy traffic at the time.

Koalas finding themselves in precarious situations on roads and in populated areas is not unheard of in the region. Just last month, another of the tree-dwelling marsupials was spotted sitting in Logan, requiring a brave passerby to physically remove it from harm’s way.

Photo credit: Valeriia Miller/Pexels

They are known for living in trees, but koalas actually spend a good amount of time traveling on the ground. Though these tree-dwelling animals sleep for over 20 hours a day in the branches, they have to come down to the ground and walk when moving between trees since they can’t swing through the treetops like monkeys.

Whilst their adventures sometimes make for amusing viral videos, experts warn that hectic development has put koala populations at risk as their habitats shrink. Simple acts of compassion like this young man’s can go a long way in preserving the iconic species for future generations.

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Published 29-March-2024

Narangba Nursery Hits the Market as Owners Embark on New Chapter

Narangba Nursery, a thriving 2-hectare plant nursery, has recently hit the market, marking the end of an era for its owners, Andrew and Melody Greenhow. 

Since its inception in 2017 at 481 Narangba Rd, the nursery has witnessed a remarkable 30 per cent annual growth in sales. The Greenhows, who have poured their heart and soul into nurturing this enterprise from the ground up, are now bidding farewell to their beloved establishment for personal reasons.

A Bittersweet Decision

The Greenhows, who have garnered a loyal customer base over the years, made the heartfelt announcement on Thursday, revealing their intention to sell the nursery. They disclosed that expressions of interest were already pouring in and that they were eager to proceed with a sale as swiftly as possible to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

“Because this is a sale of a business/land/property due to a relationship breakdown (divorce) we both want to settle and sell this asap. We will be selling as a working business,”  the former couple disclosed.

Notably, the nursery had recently been offering an enticing 50 percent discount on its products to clear out existing stock. However, after consulting with their real estate team, the Greenhows decided to halt this generous promotion. Andrew and Melody Greenhow reassured their customers. 

“We will still have outstanding prices that beat the competition but just putting a stop to the 50 percent off insanity.”

“We are very sad as this is an end of an era for us but it’s best for both of us to do this. We have literally built this up from absolutely nothing to something quite amazing. Just imagine working from home to this picturesque land working with plants and making a great income doing it. A once in a lifetime experience but sadly one dream we have to let go of.”

Photo Credit: Narangba Nursery

A Unique Offering

The five-acre Narangba Nursery is advertised as flood-free land and comes equipped with high-speed satellite internet, a four-bedroom house with a rumpus room, a $70,000 tractor, a spacious powered shed, a 13-meter deck, a large pergola within the nursery, two dams that maintain water levels year-round to an impressive seven to eight meters, and a 38-meter deep water bore boasting “virtually unlimited clean salt-free water.”

Narangba Nursery has been recognised for its specialisation in growing native and exotic plants known for their value as providers and pollinators, with a focus on offering an extensive range of native and fruit trees.

Customers and well-wishers have flooded the Greenhows’ announcement with supportive comments. One person wished them “the best of luck for a speedy resolution,” while another expressed gratitude for the trees purchased from the nursery, which will continue to flourish in Narangba for years to come.

Published 16-Jan-2024

Man Allegedly Steals Police Van, Crashes at Anzac Avenue

A 37-year-old man remains hospitalised and in police custody after allegedly stealing and crashing a police van on Anzac Avenue at Mango Hill early Tuesday morning.

Police respond to knife call, then overpowered by suspect

Police were called to Boundary Rd in Narangba at 3:21 a.m. on reports of a man brandishing a knife.

When officers arrived on the scene, the man allegedly overpowered them and stole their marked police van before driving away from the area.

Chase ends in crash on Anzac Avenue

The man then allegedly led police on a five-kilometre chase in the stolen vehicle before crashing on Anzac Avenue at Mango Hill, about 10 kilometres from the initial incident.

After the crash, the man reportedly fled the damaged police van on foot towards a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. He was then pursued by officers and taken into custody.

Hospitalised with non-life threatening injuries

The suspect was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. He remains in hospital under police guard pending possible charges.

No police officers or civilians were injured in the incident. The stolen police van was totalled in the crash.

Published 4 October 2023

Updates on 3 New Shopping Centre Development Near North Lakes

North Brisbane is bustling with a trio of shopping centre developments. The significant commercial sites to watch out for are in the North Lakes area — the Dakabin Shopping Centre, Kallangur’s Murrumba Village complex and the Narangba Heights Shopping Centre.


Woolworths Dakabin is set to open Stage One on 19 Aug. 2020. The 3,300 sqm site’s specialty stores, as well as a child care centre, a service station, and health service shops, are set for Stage Two of the opening in October. 

The commercial centre is conveniently accessible via train stations within the 5 km radius: Dakabin station, Narangba station (3.6 km), Kallangur station (3.9 km), Murrumba Downs station (4 km), and the Petrie station (4.5 km). It’s also accessible to the North Lakes community via the M1 motorway. 


Moreton Bay Council approved the development of a shopping village in Kallangur in 2019. Construction will officially begin for a Fresh and Save supermarket in September 2020.  

The supermarket is just one part of the massive commercial and residential development in the areas around Anzac Ave, Brays Road and Cecily St. The plan is to develop a Murrumba Village complex that will also include a health and medical precinct, child care facility, playground, and heaps of retail shops and restaurants. 

These sites have target opening dates for October 2021 but the childcare facility might be ready by July next year. 

Photo Credit: PD Online/Moreton Bay Council

Photo Credit: PD Online/Moreton Bay Council

Aside from Fresh and Save, other confirmed tenancy include Palace Kebabs, On A Roll, SG Cafe, and Liquorland. Also moving in are a laundromat, barbershop and salon, and a pick-up centre for the Australian Post. The shopping complex will replace the Tulip Town shopping centre demolished in 2003. 

This development comes on the heels of the completion of Stage 1 of a townhouse complex development, which has reportedly sold out. 


Earthworks at the site of the Narangba Heights Shopping Centre was completed in May and residents are likely seeing the first level construction of the new site. Located around the corner of Sovereign Drv and Oakey Flat Rd, this centre will have Coles supermarket aside from restaurants and retail stores. Oxmar Properties is in the process of locking in tenants.

Photo Credit: Narangba Heights Shopping Centre/Facebook

Photo Credit: Google Maps