Rothwell Armed Robber Apprehended by Diligent Police Dog

An alleged armed robber was apprehended in Rothwell, thanks to the keen instincts of a Queensland police dog named Gator. 

The incident unfolded when a 26-year-old Riverview man threatened staff at a local business with scissors and attempted to make a hasty escape.

On the evening of 15 Dec 2023, the accused entered a Rothwell business and reportedly attempted to leave without paying for several items. As he tried to exit, he allegedly brandished a pair of scissors, raising concerns among the store’s staff. Undeterred, the man fled through a nearby carpark, clutching the stolen items.

Local law enforcement officers promptly responded to the incident. Notably, they managed to locate the stolen property along with a backpack belonging to the suspect in the vicinity. The backpack held an unexpected discovery—an amount of cannabis.

The key to resolving this incident came in the form of a diligent police dog, Gator, and his handler, Senior Constable Leybourne. With their unwavering determination and tracking skills, they led officers to a Wattle Rd address in Rothwell, where the alleged robber had sought refuge.

Following his capture, the 26-year-old Riverview man was charged with armed robbery, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of a drug utensil, and eight unrelated stealing offences.

He appeared at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on 20 Dec 2023, facing the consequences of his alleged actions.

Published 22-Dec-2023