Dakabin Chef Shifts Gears to Become a Home Economics Teacher

Rose Gray, a Dakabin-based veteran chef and a proud mother, is the recipient of a $5,000 scholarship from the King and Amy O’Malley Trust. Working as a teacher’s aide as she studies at CQUniversity, Mrs. Gray aspires to use her expertise to become a teacher. 

Having been in the culinary industry for 15 years, Mrs Gray is in the midst of retraining to become a teacher thanks to a special $5000 scholarship granted to her by the King and Amy O’Malley Trust. Currently, she resides in Dakabin, and is in her third year of her Bachelor of Education at CQUniversity.

Inspired by her husband’s journey to become a chef, her teachers, and the fact that two of her children have disabilities, Mrs Gray aims to use the training and expertise she’d accumulated over the years to further her educational career. 

With her skills in the kitchen, in tandem with her experience as a teacher’s aide, Mrs Gray has been making steady progress towards becoming a Home Economics and Psychology teacher. 

One of the primary reasons Mrs. Gray aims to teach Home Economics is because she wishes to teach a new generation of children all about inclusivity, which, in her words, is “…all about understanding people’s needs and addressing those needs”. 

Currently, CQUniversity is the only university in all of Queensland that offers Home Economics as a holistic academic discipline. As a mother of two children with disabilities, Mrs. Gray believes Home Economics is essential for imparting the knowledge necessary to promote inclusion. 

Important life skills can be taught in a fun and productive manner while simultaneously teaching children not to discriminate against people regardless of gender, learning ability, age, or culture.

One of the members of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Home Economics, Dr Deagon, claims that people like Mrs. Gray are “…very important to the profession” as passionate teachers are essential with a subject about life skills.

Though she hasn’t become a teacher yet, she is well on the way to being one. She is currently working as a teacher’s aide and simultaneously committing to her studies as a student, all whilst balancing her work with her duties as a mother. 

“I always get through a term and go wow, I can’t believe I managed to fit all of that in,” says Mrs. Gray. 

Indeed, it’s only a matter of time until Rose Gray becomes one of the brightest, skilled, and most passionate teachers in not just Dakabin, but possibly all of Queensland.