Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct Construction to Commence, Provide More Job Opportunities

Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct
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An expansive boutique village and retail destination will soon be available to Dakabin locals, as the construction of the Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct prepares to commence construction.

The Comiskey Group has major plans to transform 3.75 hectares of land along Alma and Old Gympie roads into a shopping centre. Along with heaps of new stores and cafes, the shopping area will also have a gym, a Guzman Y Gomez outlet, a KFC drive-thru, and a Night Owl store with a service station. 

On the other hand, the hotel will have something for every resident, including the children. It will feature a restaurant and bar, gaming room for the adults, playground and outdoor area for the children. 

“We are focusing on the food, looking to support locally grown produce where possible and deliver the unexpected to diners. It’s going to be a unique hotel in offering and design, we’re meeting with architects to ensure it makes a statement,” Director Rob Comiskey said.

Dakabin Hotel and Shopping Precinct
Photo Credit: Comiskey Group

Construction is expected to start in early 2023, boosting employment opportunities in the area. 

“Dakabin Hotel itself will employ over 50 staff across both full-time and casual positions, and the overall centre should see 250 job opportunities,” Mr Comiskey said.

The Comiskey Group had been keen on acquiring the property as it’s a corner land on two major roads leading to North Lakes. 

“The high-volume location is a convenient place for the community to come, allowing for great exposure of our tenants. We are always on the hunt for opportunities in high growth areas and this was definitely one we couldn’t let pass us by,” Mr Comiskey said.