Popular Burger Chain Closes Doors in North Lakes and Other Outlets

Getta Burger
Photo Credit: GettaBurger/Instagram

The popular Queensland burger chain, Getta Burger, has announced the closure of several of its stores, including the one in North Lakes, shocking local burger enthusiasts. This move comes as the company faces significant financial challenges.

Getta Burger, known for its mouth-watering burgers and unique dining experience, has unfortunately fallen into liquidation. The chain’s financial struggles have led to the abrupt closure of multiple outlets across Brisbane. 

Sources have reported that the company is in a dire financial situation, leading to these drastic measures​​.

“Things are tough for everyone, and as much as I tried I couldn’t see a way to keep our great standards and keep the business going,” Company director Brent Poulter said.

“Small businesses nationwide are grappling with soaring rents, increased costs, and staffing hurdles — without any support at all.”

The closure of the North Lakes outlet has left many customers and staff members disappointed and concerned. Regular patrons of Getta Burger have expressed their sadness over the loss of a favorite dining spot.

Furthermore, the closure has raised concerns about the impact on local employment. Staff members of the closed outlets are now facing uncertainty about their future. The suddenness of the closures has added to the anxiety and distress of those affected.

Published 14-Dec-2023