Deception Bay, Moreton Bay Homes Face Land Value Surge Amid Migration Boom

The median land value in Deception Bay has soared by 60.4 per cent, with nearby areas like North Lakes and Burpengary also experiencing significant increases, with nearby areas like North Lakes and Burpengary also experiencing significant increases, as part of a wider trend affecting over 675,000 properties across Queensland due to heightened migration and demand.

The 2024 valuation cycle unveils a substantial rise in land values across Queensland, impacting around 675,000 properties in 20 local government areas. This adjustment, triggered by migration and demand spikes, has seen homeowners across regions like Deception Bay, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast brace for possible rate and tax hikes.

Detailed Regional Impact

Deception Bay witnessed a remarkable jump, with median land values climbing by 60.4 per cent, affecting 6,011 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $227,500 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $365,000

North Lakes saw a 29.9 per cent increase in median land values, impacting 6,805 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $335,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $435,000

Burpengary reported a 35.3 per cent rise, with 3,630 properties affected. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $255,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $365,000

Burpengary East experienced a 37.8 per cent increase, affecting 1,837 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $225,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $310,000

Narangba observed a 32.1 per cent surge in median land values, with 6,739 properties impacted. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $280,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $370,000

Rothwell saw a 25.8 per cent rise, affecting 2,249 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $310,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $390,000

These figures underscore the widespread nature of the land value increase phenomenon, particularly pronounced in areas surrounding Deception Bay.

North Lakes
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Valuer-General Insights

Valuer-General Laura Dietrich highlights the significant drivers behind these valuation increases: robust population growth and infrastructure development, particularly in areas like Moreton Bay and Gold Coast. 

Despite potential concerns over rising rates and taxes, Dietrich reassures that councils consider various factors when setting rates, underlining the multifaceted approach to valuation and taxation.

With the new valuations set to effect on June 30, 2024, the Queensland government’s upcoming decisions on proposed changes to valuation laws are eagerly anticipated. 

Amid warnings from the property sector about potential rate and tax increases, the community and industry stakeholders are keenly awaiting the Resources Minister Scott Stewart’s announcement, hoping for measures to mitigate the impact on homeowners, especially in rapidly appreciating areas like Deception Bay and its surrounds.

Published 3-April-2024

Future Collegiates Thrive for Moreton Bay Raptors Gridiron Club

The Moreton Bay Raptors gridiron club is bursting with exceptional young talents primed for college football careers. Several key players have put up impressive stats in the first part of the season.

Dominant running threats

Running back Lennox Samoa is a force for the Raptors offence. He has averaged over 100 rushing yards per game. Samoa has also contributed defensively at end with multiple sacks.

Joining Samoa in the backfield is the hard-charging Lychen Newick-Matthews. Lining up at running back or linebacker, Newick-Matthews has already topped 100 rushing yards in multiple games.

Standout quarterback

Quarterback and tight end Viliami Taufa directs the Raptors offence with poise beyond his years. Despite intense pressure, he maintains an excellent completion percentage. Taufa has also thrown for double digit touchdowns, consistently finding his targets downfield.

Playmakers on defence

Anchoring the Raptors secondary is safety Preston Harris. Already with several interceptions and over 100 return yards, Harris makes game-changing plays. Cornerback Takala Utura has been just as impactful, also recording multiple interceptions to confound opposing quarterbacks.

At linebacker, Hunter Harris-Whan sets the tone with his tireless effort and technique. Defensive end Tupou Liku generates constant pressure with multiple sacks and tackles for loss.

Unsung heroes in the trenches

Center Joseph Fairhall and guard Denzael Toki-Mautairi provide pivotal blocking and protection to enable the Raptors rushing attack and passing game. Their perfect snaps and communication with Taufa allow the offence to operate smoothly.

Several promising rookies like AJ Maka and Darrius Vailua also contribute on the lines for a well-rounded squad. With this wealth of talent producing results, the future is bright for Moreton Bay Raptors football.

Published 20-January-2024

Deception Bay Selected for New Queensland Pathways State College Campus

Did you know that a new Queensland Pathways State College campus will be opening in Deception Bay as part of a $288 million program to support at-risk students?

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The campus is part of an expansion of the Queensland Pathways State College (QPSC), which is being funded by the Queensland government. Along with Deception Bay, new QPSC campuses will open in Toowoomba, Mt Isa, Central Queensland, Logan, and Cairns in 2024.

The expansion will establish six additional campuses statewide to serve more students and help them achieve academic success. 

Queensland Pathways State College in Bracken Ridge (Photo credit:

QPSC campuses provide alternative learning programs for students in Years 10-12 who are disengaged from mainstream schooling. The goal is to help these students complete Year 12, transition back to regular schools or move on to further education and employment.

The $288 million package includes increased funding for engagement programs targeting Indigenous students and early intervention for those involved in the youth justice system. Around $45 million will create 50 new FlexiSpaces in high-needs schools to provide extra support for students with issues like mental health struggles or behavioural challenges.

Photo credit: Queensland Pathways State College/Facebook 

Intensive case management will be provided for students known to youth justice authorities, and 177 new frontline positions will be created, including 12 more Court Liaison Officers. A new curriculum aligned with national standards will also be developed for alternative learning programs.

According to Education Minister Grace Grace, schools are already offering various engagement programs, but it is clear that more needs to be done to address the increasingly complex issues students and families are facing. She said their comprehensive approach will focus on the highest-need communities and students to keep them engaged in learning and re-engage them faster when needed. 

“Keeping students connected to their school and classmates is the best way to prevent disengagement,” said Ms Grace.

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Students must meet eligibility criteria to enrol at QPSC campuses. The Deception Bay community can expect more details on the new campus location and programming as planning continues leading up to the 2024 opening.

Published 27-December-2023

North Lakes Among Key Suburbs in Zonta Club’s Domestic Violence Initiative

The suburbs of North Lakes, Deception Bay, and Mango Hill have become focal points for a significant initiative led by the Zonta Club of Redcliffe. Aimed at supporting victims of domestic violence, this initiative involves the creation of safe rooms at local police stations, a move that resonates with the community’s dedication to social welfare and support.

These safe rooms, conceived as serene and supportive spaces, are being developed in police stations across the three suburbs. The primary goal is to offer a comforting environment for victims of domestic violence during their interactions with law enforcement. This initiative represents a deep understanding of the trauma and sensitivity associated with such circumstances.

Local businesses and residents have rallied together to support this cause. Contributions have been diverse and substantial: Bunnings Rothwell and Dulux have provided paint and equipment, while Costco has contributed towards children’s furniture. Carpet One has generously donated comfortable seating, and the community has chipped in with toys and educational materials for children. This array of donations reflects a heartening community spirit, underlining a collective commitment to social responsibility.

The Zonta Club of Redcliffe, renowned for its advocacy against domestic violence, has seamlessly integrated this project into its broader campaign. Echoing the sentiments of their international “Say No to Domestic Violence” campaign, the club’s activities in North Lakes, Deception Bay, and Mango Hill exemplify their dedication to the cause. Notable among these is their participation in the Orange Activism Breakfast and the 16 Days of Activism, during which they advocate for awareness and change.

Furthermore, the Zonta Club has historically undertaken impactful initiatives such as installing plaques with anti-domestic violence messages in public spaces. Their support extends to organizations like The Refuge at Clontarf, providing essentials to women in need, thereby weaving a safety net across the community.

As these safe rooms near completion, they symbolise not just a physical space of refuge, but also the community’s unwavering commitment to battling domestic violence. In these challenging times, such initiatives remind us of the strength found in unity and the enduring power of compassion.

Published 19-Nov-2023

Deception Bay Welcomes the Joyous ‘Ted’s Wheelie Challenge’

Deception Bay is gearing up for an inspiring display of community spirit and inclusion with the announcement of the 2023 Ted’s Wheelie Challenge.

In a celebration of the International Day of People with Disability, the Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) is championing a mobility scooter convoy that promises to bring fun, freedom, and a shared sense of accomplishment to the participants. 

Set against the scenic backdrop of Deception Bay’s esplanade, the event invites all mobility scooter and electric wheelchair users to join in this festive parade. The gathering on 3 Dec 2023 will commence at the Deception Bay PCYC, with the convoy embarking on its journey at 10 a.m. The route, carefully planned along accessible pathways, will culminate in a communal BBQ opposite the Deception Bay Library, offering a chance for community bonding and celebration.

Prizes and Participation

The sense of community is further enriched by the opportunity for each participant to win a state-of-the-art Pride Go-Go LX Mobility Scooter, contributing not just to the day’s excitement but also to the practical mobility of the lucky winner. Adding a dash of creativity, attendees are encouraged to adorn their scooters, making the day as colourful as it is meaningful.

The QDN emphasises the importance of mobility scooters in enhancing the lives of those with disabilities. Beyond the joy of the event, such modes of transport are pivotal in ensuring individuals can access work, services, and social networks, thereby fostering independence and quality of life. 

The QDN advocates and aims to bring together a network committed to driving change and upholding the rights of people with disabilities. Their ethos, “Nothing about Us Without Us” shines through as they work alongside various sectors to shape an inclusive society.

Follow QDN on Facebook for updates. For further details about Ted’s Wheelie Challenge phone or email 1300 363 783/

Published 10-Nov-2023

Moreton Bay Kitchen Has Recipe for Success, Award-Winning Chef Champions Local Produce

Moreton Bay Kitchen, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Deception Bay, has been making waves in the food industry with its delectable creations sourced from the abundant produce of the region. 

The restaurant’s commitment to using local ingredients not only resulted in a thriving business but also earned them the prestigious Award for Food & Agribusiness Excellence at the 2023 Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards held on 7 July 2023.

Founded in 2019 by the visionary and globally acclaimed chef, Suzie Albu, Moreton Bay Kitchen has carved a niche in the region’s food scene. Suzie’s culinary journey took her across continents and garnered several accolades for her innovative use of locally sourced produce while living in the countryside of the UK.

The secret to Suzie’s success lies in her unwavering dedication to supporting local farmers and small-scale suppliers. Through her extensive network, she utilizes resources like the Open Food Network and Reko Ring to find unique and healthy ingredients. 

Whether it’s crafting Moreton Bay Bug tortellini for a romantic Valentine’s Day menu or serving up a simple yet delightful plate of fish and chips, Suzie’s dishes have gained a loyal following due to their authentic flavors and the knowledge that they are made using fresh ingredients straight from the bay.

Suzie’s passion for championing lesser-known produce is evident in every aspect of Moreton Bay Kitchen’s operation and it’s motivated by her desire to provide “fantastic food for all sorts of people.” 

But the restaurant’s dedication to supporting local businesses extends beyond their own kitchen. Moreton Bay Kitchen is actively involved in the Reko crew, a network that promotes and strengthens local businesses. Suzie firmly believes that using local produce not only benefits her establishment but also contributes to the prosperity of the entire community.

The recognition for Food & Agribusiness Excellence at the Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards has left Suzie and her team ecstatic. Moreton Bay Kitchen’s commitment to sustainability, passion for elevating local produce, and the artistry of its talented chef have combined to create a recipe for success that continues to captivate the palates of food enthusiasts and critics alike. 

Follow them on Facebook for more updates. 

Published 16-July-2023

New $1.5-Million Skate Park in Deception Bay Officially Opens

After nearly a year of construction, a new, $1.5-million skate park has officially opened in Deception Bay, the first of several across the Moreton Bay region.

With the opening, Moreton Bay officials are hopeful that kids will take advantage of the facility in the time leading up to the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games, especially if they are passionate about skateboarding, scooter, or BMX.

“Skate park sports are rocketing into popularity, especially after we saw Australia win gold in the BMX and skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics, so it’s great to give our locals amazing new facilities to take up those sports,” Councillor Sandra Ruck (Division 5) said.

“The main goal is participation but with the 2032 games heading to Brisbane, who knows, maybe we could see the next gold medallist coming from Deception Bay.”

“The Deception Bay Skate Park is the first of a string of skate parks throughout the region which are receiving complete revamps with the aid of the community’s input on design,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

“We’re proud to have delivered something that the community has truly owned from start to finish and now it can be enjoyed for many years to come.”

The skate park officially opened on April 15, 2023. During the opening, hundreds of locals, including the children, trooped to the new skate park at the Deception Bay PCYC to enjoy free skate workshops, the jumping castle, gymnastic activities, and a community sausage sizzle.

Published 1-May-2023

Mango King Sam Etri Opens 3rd Skippy’s Market Fresh at Rothwell Central

Shoppers in Deception Bay now have more options when shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, as Mango King Sam Etri opens his third Skippy’s Market Fresh at Rothwell Central.

The largest fruit and vegetable store in Brisbane’s northside at 1,500 square metres, Skippy’s Market Fresh has over 30 workers who can assist customers looking for quality but affordable fresh produce.  

The store officially opened its doors on Thursday, the 17th of November 2022, but they will be going all out during the Grand Opening celebrations on the 19th and 20th of November.

Customers in Deception Bay and nearby areas may have the opportunity to meet Mr Etri himself during the store’s event. Delicious, locally grown mangoes will be on offer at the door.

Mr Etri, who also runs Skippy’s Fresh Frootz in Victoria Point and Skippy’s Farmhouse in Southport, sources his products at the Brisbane Markets in Rocklea. He buys the stocks at 4:00 a.m. every day to ensure the quality of the produce and to support Aussie farmers. 

“I am dedicated to supporting my local community by employing staff from the area and sourcing the best local produce where I can,” the Mango King said.

Earlier, Mr Etri made a $20,000-bid for a tray of mangoes to support charity and was crowned this year’s Brisbane Markets Mango King.

“I am looking forward to offering great quality fruit and vegetables at competitive prices to the Moreton Bay community.”

Follow the store’s Facebook page for updates.

Deception Bay Included in City-wide Mosquito Blitz

Following a confirmed case of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) in the state, Brisbane authorities have ramped up anti-mosquito measures, such as conducting a spraying blitz across a number of suburbs, including Deception Bay.

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The spraying blitz was already conducted across 60 suburbs in Brisbane, with Council deploying four all-terrain vehicles, two electric buggies and more than 20 spray trucks for the operation.

“In the aftermath of one of the worst floods in Brisbane’s history, we’re facing our next challenge: keeping mosquitoes under control,” said Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner.

Cr Schrinner revealed that about 1,400 of the city’s 2,400 breeding sites were triggered by the recent rainfall and the action Council is taking now will put a stop to a severe post-flood mosquito problem.

Whilst there’s already a spraying blitz going on across the city, residents are being reminded to be more cautious as there’s a noticeable increase in freshwater mosquitoes.

Cr Schrinner reminded residents of the vital part they played in mosquito protection and urged people to scour their properties for empty bodies of water.

This includes removing containers of water that may be laying around and sweeping back yards every week as it takes just half a cup of water to attract mosquitoes to breed.

JEV Vaccines

jev vaccines
Photo credit: fotoblend/Pixabay

The Australian Government announced that it would spend $70 million to combat Japanese encephalitis, which includes purchasing 130,000 doses of vaccine to protect people from the deadly virus. 

The additional JEV vaccines, which will be available from late March to April 2022, will be distributed equitably to states and territories.

At present, there are two human JEV vaccines available on the Australian market, Imojev (Sanofi-Aventis Australia) and JEspect (Seqirus). 

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Imojev is a single dose vaccine which supports broad use and rapid vaccination, however it is not suitable for pregnant women or people who are immunocompromised. JEspect, is given in two dose course and is suitable for most people who can’t receive the Imojev vaccine.

Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, said there were currently 15 confirmed human cases of JEV in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Plans Lodged for New Health Care Hub with Swim School and Shops in Deception Bay

Deception Bay will have a new health care hub with an indoor swim school, ancillary shops, a café, and a caretaker’s accommodation dwelling should a development application be approved.

Designed by Christian Zambelli Architect, the proposed built form of ‘Deception Bay Health Centre’ varies between one and two-storey buildings in height and will incorporate a contemporary local centre design. The DA says it will have an easily accessible and simple pedestrian and vehicular connectivity.

Subject site (Photo Credit:

The centre includes a gross total floor area of 1,990 sqm and would be based at 54-66 Old Bay Road, located on the corner of Old Bay Road and Thompson Street, Deception Bay. If approved, this health care hub will share the same location as the approved 175-child single storey centre that is sited along the southern edge of the subject site.

The development provides a total of 83 car parking spaces and would have access to Old Bay Road and Thompson Street via a driveway at the southwestern border and northern border of the site.

Photo Credit:

The surrounding area predominantly includes established residential uses, open space, and rural areas. The subject site is also located approximately a kilometre away from the waterfront of Moreton Bay.

“The corner site, which adjoins a future (approved) Child Care Centre, will create a local facility which combined would service the healthcare and childcare needs of the established Deception Bay community,” DTS Group reported on behalf of the applicant.

DTS added, “The application seeks approval for a localised health care centre development and indoor swim school that is consistent with the anticipated character for the Suburban Neighbourhood Precinct.”

Tenancies are expected to operate from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Sunday, with actual business hours to be set by each tenant. For more information about this proposed health care hub, see Council Reference 2020 / 40376 / V2K.