New Police Boost for Deception Bay and North Lakes

The growing communities of Deception Bay and North Lakes are set for a boost in police resources, with four new First Year Constables headed to their stations. This is part of a record intake of 137 new officers graduating from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Academy in Brisbane today — the largest group in 26 years.

The Deception Bay station will receive two of the new constables, while the Mango Hill/North Lakes station will also welcome two recruits from this record graduating class. Their arrivals represent a substantial investment in frontline policing for the rapidly growing northern Brisbane corridor.

Photo Credit: myPolice Moreton

The Moreton District overall will receive an influx of 14 new constables from this latest recruitment course. In addition to Deception Bay and North Lakes, they will also join crews at Burpengary, Petrie, Caboolture, Redcliffe and Woodford stations.

The unprecedented intake of 137 new officers reflects the Queensland Government’s commitment to increasing police resources and ensuring community safety remains the top priority across the state, according to Police Minister Mark Ryan.

Photo Credit: myPolice Moreton

The latest QPS graduates completed an eight-month intensive training program covering physical skills, firearms, driving, and field operations. They will spend their first 12 months as Constables receiving further on-the-job skills development and field training as part of the First Year Constable program.

With 546 recruits currently in training and over 2,274 more in the recruiting pipeline, the Queensland Police Service is setting new staffing records. Officials are encouraging interested candidates to apply for the chance at a career in policing service at

Published 16-May-2024

Major Crackdown on Youth Crime in North Lakes and Surrounds

A sweeping police operation targeting high-risk youth offenders in the North Lakes and surrounding areas has led to the arrest of 20 individuals, including 18 juveniles, on a staggering 64 charges over an intense 11-day period.

Taskforce Guardian, a rapid response unit dedicated to combating youth crime and enhancing community safety, joined forces with local police in the Moreton district to conduct a comprehensive crackdown. 

From 22 April to 1 May 2024, the taskforce carried out strategic operations, including locating and apprehending alleged young offenders, monitoring bail compliance, and executing proactive patrols in identified high-risk locations.

The joint operation resulted in the arrest of 18 juveniles on 60 charges and two adults on four charges. The charges encompassed a wide range of offences, such as assault occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage, attempted robbery, stealing, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. These arrests were made possible through targeted efforts and close collaboration between the taskforce and local law enforcement.

High-Visibility Patrols

To maintain a strong presence and deter criminal activities, high-visibility patrols were conducted at various public transport stations and shopping centres across suburbs like Kallangur, Petrie, Lawnton, Mango Hill, North Lakes, Deception Bay, and Strathpine. These strategic locations were identified as potential hotspots for youth-related offences.

In addition to enforcement efforts, Taskforce Guardian worked closely with key support services and local resources to engage at-risk young people in relevant programs and services. These initiatives focused on addressing underlying issues through health, education, disability services, and First Nations initiatives, aiming to provide comprehensive support and prevent future offending.

Community Safety Prioritised

Acting Chief Superintendent Adam Guild, the Moreton District Officer, emphasised that the operation’s ultimate goal was to ensure community safety. He stated that the taskforce’s presence bolstered frontline efforts, enabling targeted activities to disrupt and prevent youth offending. 

Mr Guild also highlighted the importance of engaging with local youth, intervening early, referring those in need to appropriate support services, and seeking justice for victims by locating and arresting recidivist offenders.

The Moreton Bay police have assured the community that they are committed to addressing the challenging issue of youth crime through a comprehensive approach, combining enforcement efforts with proactive engagement and support services.

Published 14-May-2024

Kinsellas Sports Complex Undergoes Tiered Seating Upgrade

The Kinsellas Sports Complex in North Lakes just finished a remarkable transformation with the inauguration of its new tiered seating project, enhancing the spectator experience to new heights.

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The $1-million upgrade, a collaborative effort between the City of Moreton Bay and the State Government’s South East Queensland Community Stimulus Program, marks a significant milestone for the North Lakes United Football Club, amplifying their support base and engagement opportunities.

With the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics on the horizon, the revitalisation of Kinsellas Sports Complex underscores the city’s commitment to investing in sporting infrastructure, nurturing local talent, and fostering community engagement.

Photo credit: City of Moreton Bay/Facebook 

The new sheltered tiered seating and viewing deck offer enhanced comfort and accessibility for spectators, whilst the adjoining ramp facilitates safer and more efficient access for volunteers.

Photo credit: City of Moreton Bay/Facebook 

Local political personalities expressed pride in bolstering the growth and infrastructural enhancements for Moreton Bay’s sports enthusiasts, emphasising the community’s active lifestyle and the importance of rallying behind local teams.

“The Moreton Bay community thrives on an active lifestyle and cheering on our local teams is a key part of that,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

 “Whether you’re a family, friend or fan, the revitalisation of Kinsellas Sports Complex opens up more opportunity for everyone to participate.

Deputy Mayor Jodie Shipway (Div 4) echoed Mr Flannery’s sentiments, highlighting the profound impact the revamped complex will have on local sporting families, clubs, and volunteers. 

“I’m a sport-loving mum of two boys who both play locally, so I know how important it is to have this kind of infrastructure,” she said.

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The upgraded facility is poised to attract even more interest in local football, potentially paving the way for future champions like Cortnee Vine to emerge from the region and represent Australia on home soil.

Published 7-May-2024

North Lakes Home Invasion: Teen Faces Heinous Murder Sentencing for Emma Lovell’s Death

The teenage offender who murdered Emma Lovell during a North Lakes home invasion faces a life sentence, as the court weighs whether the crime was “particularly heinous.”

The teenage offender responsible for the brutal murder of Emma Lovell broke into the Lovell residence on Boxing Day 2022, ignoring a car parked in the driveway that signalled the family was home. He found the door unlocked, returned with a companion, and entered the home. 

Lovell and her husband, Lee, were awakened by their barking dogs and confronted the intruders. The teens then brutally attacked the couple, stabbing Lee in the back twice and Emma in the heart.

 CCTV footage captured the violent struggle that ensued, moving from the doorway to the driveway, where Emma fell to her knees, clutching her chest, while Lee lay on the ground injured. The teen fled the scene, leaving Emma mortally wounded, and was later found hiding nearby with blood on his clothes.

Legal Proceedings

The Crown prosecutor, David Nardone, emphasised that the murder was “particularly heinous,” highlighting the offender’s premeditation and moral culpability. The judge must decide if the crime qualifies as particularly heinous, which would allow for a sentence exceeding 10 years; otherwise, the maximum is capped at 10 years. 

The youth pleaded guilty to four charges, including murder, admitting he wielded the 11cm knife that killed Lovell. The offender’s prior criminal history includes 16 other home invasions and parole violations. He was on probation for a prior offence at the time of the murder and had undergone a rehabilitation program.

Family Impact and Sentencing

In court, Lee Lovell described the lasting impact of his wife’s murder on their family.

Photo Credit: LeeLovell/Facebook

He expressed fear for his daughters and described how he constantly checks the security cameras, fearing further intrusion. He has advocated for a life sentence for his wife’s killer. 

Justice Tom Sullivan will deliver the sentence in this North Lakes home invasion case, pending determining the crime’s heinous nature. The offender,  who cannot be identified due to his age, sat emotionless during the hearing, where his chaotic upbringing, marred by violence and substance abuse, was detailed by his defence.

Published 5-May-2024

Deception Bay, Moreton Bay Homes Face Land Value Surge Amid Migration Boom

The median land value in Deception Bay has soared by 60.4 per cent, with nearby areas like North Lakes and Burpengary also experiencing significant increases, with nearby areas like North Lakes and Burpengary also experiencing significant increases, as part of a wider trend affecting over 675,000 properties across Queensland due to heightened migration and demand.

The 2024 valuation cycle unveils a substantial rise in land values across Queensland, impacting around 675,000 properties in 20 local government areas. This adjustment, triggered by migration and demand spikes, has seen homeowners across regions like Deception Bay, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast brace for possible rate and tax hikes.

Detailed Regional Impact

Deception Bay witnessed a remarkable jump, with median land values climbing by 60.4 per cent, affecting 6,011 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $227,500 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $365,000

North Lakes saw a 29.9 per cent increase in median land values, impacting 6,805 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $335,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $435,000

Burpengary reported a 35.3 per cent rise, with 3,630 properties affected. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $255,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $365,000

Burpengary East experienced a 37.8 per cent increase, affecting 1,837 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $225,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $310,000

Narangba observed a 32.1 per cent surge in median land values, with 6,739 properties impacted. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $280,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $370,000

Rothwell saw a 25.8 per cent rise, affecting 2,249 properties. OLD MEDIAN VALUE: $310,000 | NEW MEDIAN VALUE: $390,000

These figures underscore the widespread nature of the land value increase phenomenon, particularly pronounced in areas surrounding Deception Bay.

North Lakes
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Valuer-General Insights

Valuer-General Laura Dietrich highlights the significant drivers behind these valuation increases: robust population growth and infrastructure development, particularly in areas like Moreton Bay and Gold Coast. 

Despite potential concerns over rising rates and taxes, Dietrich reassures that councils consider various factors when setting rates, underlining the multifaceted approach to valuation and taxation.

With the new valuations set to effect on June 30, 2024, the Queensland government’s upcoming decisions on proposed changes to valuation laws are eagerly anticipated. 

Amid warnings from the property sector about potential rate and tax increases, the community and industry stakeholders are keenly awaiting the Resources Minister Scott Stewart’s announcement, hoping for measures to mitigate the impact on homeowners, especially in rapidly appreciating areas like Deception Bay and its surrounds.

Published 3-April-2024

Closed for Good: Blue Diamond Hair Co Shutters North Lakes, Other Brisbane Locations

Blue Diamond Hair Co, a salon with locations in Brisbane including one in North Lakes, has abruptly closed its doors, leaving customers in the lurch. 

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The business, which branded itself as “redefining luxury,” first opened at Logan Hyperdome in 2021 and expanded to the Westfield Garden City and Westfield North Lakes in 2022. 

Blue Diamond offered not just hair services but also spray tanning, beauty treatments, and even teeth whitening. However, both the North Lakes and Garden City salons closed in January 2024 without any notice to customers. The closures extended to the other Brisbane locations as well, with the Logan Hyperdome salon’s final day being February 21.

Photo credit: Blue Diamond Hair Co/Facebook 

The shutdown was a surprise to loyal customers, some of whom had deposits with the North Lakes salon. One frustrated regular said so many people have paid a deposit and it isn’t being returned.

Another customer had just begun looking into Blue Diamond’s services, booking her first appointment last month complete with an online deposit. However, she got a text that the booking was cancelled, but they wouldn’t answer any calls or emails. She explained that she had no response at all from the owners.

Photo credit: Si Vi/Google Maps 

Whilst the North Lakes shopping centre has acknowledged Blue Diamond’s departure, they claim to have been given no reason for why the tenants vacated. The company’s website remains active, but their social media pages are silent on the closures. However, the business is listed as “permanently closed” on Google.

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As news of the shutdown spreads, more and more customers with unused deposits and pre-paid packages are realising they may never get refunded by the Blue Diamond Hair Co business they once frequented.

Published 14-March-2024

North Lakes Teen Max Cunningham Dominates State Swim Championships with Five Golds

Max Cunningham, a 14-year-old from North Lakes, dominated the recent Queensland State Swimming Championships at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre.

Cunningham, who previously trained at Grace Swimming Club and now attends Churchie on a scholarship, won five gold medals in the 14-year-old age group. His events included the 100m butterfly, 50m freestyle, 100-m freestyle, 50-m backstroke and 200-m freestyle.

Max Cunningham sets state record

In the 100-m freestyle, Cunningham clocked an impressive time of 52.96 seconds to not only win gold but also set a new state record in the event for his age group.

Earlier in the meet, Cunningham won his age group’s 100m butterfly with the fourth-fastest time ever recorded in 56.38 seconds.

Gold medals in the 50-m freestyle, 50-m backstroke and 200-m freestyle took his tally to five.

In addition to his five gold medals, Cunningham also won two bronze medals in the 200-m freestyle and the club mixed freestyle relay.

Published 23-December-2023

Popular Burger Chain Closes Doors in North Lakes and Other Outlets

The popular Queensland burger chain, Getta Burger, has announced the closure of several of its stores, including the one in North Lakes, shocking local burger enthusiasts. This move comes as the company faces significant financial challenges.

Getta Burger, known for its mouth-watering burgers and unique dining experience, has unfortunately fallen into liquidation. The chain’s financial struggles have led to the abrupt closure of multiple outlets across Brisbane. 

Sources have reported that the company is in a dire financial situation, leading to these drastic measures​​.

“Things are tough for everyone, and as much as I tried I couldn’t see a way to keep our great standards and keep the business going,” Company director Brent Poulter said.

“Small businesses nationwide are grappling with soaring rents, increased costs, and staffing hurdles — without any support at all.”

The closure of the North Lakes outlet has left many customers and staff members disappointed and concerned. Regular patrons of Getta Burger have expressed their sadness over the loss of a favorite dining spot.

Furthermore, the closure has raised concerns about the impact on local employment. Staff members of the closed outlets are now facing uncertainty about their future. The suddenness of the closures has added to the anxiety and distress of those affected.

Published 14-Dec-2023

North Lakes Residents Warned Of Mosquito Surge

Moreton Bay residents, particularly those living in North Lakes and Strathpine are being warned to brace for mosquitoes as the warmer weather approaches. 

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The warning comes after ideal humid breeding conditions have led to an exponential explosion in mosquito numbers across South East Queensland. Mosquito season peaks in the region during the spring and summer months, typically from September through April when warmer weather allows the insects to thrive.

North Lakes and Strathpine have been previously identified as particularly severe hotspots showing intense mosquito activity. Residents in these areas have flooded officials with complaints as mosquitoes emerge in swarms.

Freshwater mosquitoes breed in water that has pooled beside roads, in reserves, parks, and yards (Photo credit:

Bloodsucking mosquitoes are already distressing many locals, swarming at unprecedented levels not seen in nearly two years, according to the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

“For the past 18 months, our weather conditions have resulted in fewer mosquitoes, which has been great for our residents. Unfortunately, our luck won’t last and we’re already seeing a higher visibility of these pests,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

The council ramped up mitigation efforts including increased light trapping, on-ground insecticide treatments, and public awareness campaigns targeting these hard-hit neighbourhoods. 

“Beyond taking to the skies, we’ve been installing light traps each week, starting barrier treatments around the Griffin and Mango Hill areas, and preparing fogging treatments in highly populated areas around Mango Hill, Griffin and North Lakes,” Mayor Flannery said. 

Experts say it’s not just mosquitoes on the rise – termites, ants, and flies are also reaching pest levels across South East Queensland following the wet weather. The combo of warmth and moisture is causing spikes in native insects that typically don’t pose issues at normal levels.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Photo credit: Michelangelo Buonarroti/Pexels
  • Use Repellent: Apply mosquito spray, especially at dusk/evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Dump Standing Water: Empty containers that allow mosquito breeding weekly, including plant dishes, buckets.
  • Set Up Fans: Position outdoor fans to blow air currents away, deterring mosquitoes from biting areas.
  • Apply Barrier Spray: Long lasting concentrates from hardware stores create mosquito-repelling barriers when professionally sprayed.
  • Take Multiple Precautions: Layer repellent, breeding prevention, air currents, and barrier sprays to minimise mosquito contact. Though difficult to fully avoid mosquito season, numbers will naturally fall as weather changes.

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Published 7-December-2023 

North Lakes Development Proposal Withdrawn Amidst Strong Community Opposition

The controversial plan for a retirement village and aged care facility on the former North Lakes golf course land has been abruptly withdrawn. 

This decision marks a significant chapter in the ongoing saga between The Village Retirement Group (TVRG), its subsidiary JH Northlakes Pty Ltd, and the Moreton Bay City Council, fueled by staunch community resistance.

The Proposed Development

TVRG aimed to transform the 67-hectare site into a mixed-use development, featuring up to 250 retirement homes and a 120-bed residential care home. The proposal (DA/2022/3732) included converting 46 hectares into public open space, with TVRG retaining a smaller portion for future plans. 

Despite arguments that the project aligned with council planning and addressed senior housing needs, public reaction was overwhelmingly negative. The plan faced vehement opposition from local residents, notably led by the Save North Lakes Golf Course (SNLGC) group. 

A record-breaking public consultation saw over 4,000 submissions, with a vast majority against the development. Concerns were raised about the project’s contradiction to existing planning rules and the potential impact on local amenities and the environment.

North Lakes
Photo Credit: SNLGC/Facebook

Council officers, echoing these concerns, recommended refusing the application. They found the proposal in direct conflict with the Development Control Plan (DCP), lacking sufficient planning grounds to override these conflicts.

The Eleventh-Hour Withdrawal

As the Moreton Bay City Council prepared to vote on the matter, TVRG unexpectedly pulled the proposal. 

“Council have just informed us that the Developer has just withdrawn their DA so it will not be decided. Therefore no vote tomorrow!!!!” the SNLGC group posted on their Facebook page.

Future of the Site

Whilst the withdrawal has been a victory for the opposition, the future of the site remains uncertain. TVRG’s managing director Justin Harrison, whilst not commenting on the withdrawal reasons, hinted that they are leaving the door open for potential future developments. The community remains vigilant. 

“It is disappointing, but we still hold the position that there is no better pathway that they can take if legislation changes, so let’s get a golf course back,” A spokesperson for SNLGC commented. 

Published 27-Nov-2023