New Plans for Petrie’s Old Village Motors Transformation Unveiled

Plans to redevelop the old Village Motors car yard on Anzac Ave in Petrie have been submitted to the Moreton Bay Council as part of a massive CBD development and expansion of the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). The proposed new building could soon be the home of incoming USC students, as well as a leisure spot for local residents.

The complex from Longfield Land Company Pty Ltd will stand on 1059 Anzac Ave and will include a 160-room student tower. The residential site will also have rows of shops and restaurants, healthcare center, gym, tavern, some offices and a Woolworths supermarket.

The developer plans to include a pedestrian connection from this building to the proposed USC Moreton Bay campus extension. Additionally, the complex development will also have landscaping, street frontages and better access to Anzac Ave. 

Photo Credit: PDOnline/Moreton Bay Council
Photo Credit: PDOnline/Moreton Bay Council

Colbury Pty Ltd, who owns the Village Motors land, gave their consent to develop the site in May 2019. 

“The development supports student living, with easy access to the on-site supermarket, cafe, tavern, gym, medical practitioners and retail shops and in proximity to existing shops, restaurants and services within the surrounding area,” the development application underscored. 

The Council, however, is still awaiting a reply from the developer with regards to some issues with the development application and they have until the end of September 2020 to address the concerns.