Proposed Moreton Bay Indoor Sport Centre in Petrie to Proceed for the Olympics

Following a comprehensive review of the Olympic venues, it has been recommended that the new Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre at The Mill in Petrie should proceed with construction.

According to the review panel, there is a demonstrated need for an indoor sports centre to serve the northern Brisbane community based on resident demand.

Thus, establishing a community and high-performance para-sport facility is deemed crucial for creating a lasting legacy both leading up to and following the Games.

“Proceed with the Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre project and increase the size of the centre to allow for greater crowd capacity and increase flexibility of sports that could be allocated for the Games and attracting future events to the venue,” the panel stated.

Set to become a significant addition to the region’s sporting infrastructure, the centre will offer nine courts, supporting amenities, and functional spaces catering to various indoor sports and community events. It is part of a broader initiative to address the deficiency in community indoor courts across South East Queensland. 

Once home to the Petrie Paper Mill, the site is now slated to become Moreton Bay’s Olympic Park. It will feature a purpose-built indoor stadium with at least 7,000 seats for hosting Olympic boxing events in 2032 and beyond.

Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre
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The project has received favourable recommendations and is proceeding with further investigations to increase the venue’s size. A Project Validation Report is underway to ensure the centre’s thriving design and functionality implementation.

Mayor Peter Flannery envisions the facility as a venue for the 2032 Olympics and a long-term asset for the region. Post-Olympics, the centre will continue to host major sporting events, concerts, and community gatherings, ensuring the enduring legacy of the Olympic spirit in Moreton Bay. 

Situated within The Mill, a 65-hectare mixed-use space, the centre aligns with the council’s vision to transform the area into a cultural hub supporting various community activities.

Formerly the site of the Petrie Paper Mill, this site has undergone significant redevelopment since its acquisition by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2015. With the establishment of USC Moreton Bay and the opening of a multi-million-dollar water park, the area has already begun to flourish. The addition of the Olympic Park further solidifies The Mill’s role as a focal point for community engagement and economic growth.

The announcement of the Olympics is anticipated to spur the development of supporting infrastructure, including roads and public transport, to accommodate the region’s growing population and enhance connectivity.

Published 25-March-2024