Proposed Moreton Bay Indoor Sport Centre in Petrie to Proceed for the Olympics

Following a comprehensive review of the Olympic venues, it has been recommended that the new Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre at The Mill in Petrie should proceed with construction.

According to the review panel, there is a demonstrated need for an indoor sports centre to serve the northern Brisbane community based on resident demand.

Thus, establishing a community and high-performance para-sport facility is deemed crucial for creating a lasting legacy both leading up to and following the Games.

“Proceed with the Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre project and increase the size of the centre to allow for greater crowd capacity and increase flexibility of sports that could be allocated for the Games and attracting future events to the venue,” the panel stated.

Set to become a significant addition to the region’s sporting infrastructure, the centre will offer nine courts, supporting amenities, and functional spaces catering to various indoor sports and community events. It is part of a broader initiative to address the deficiency in community indoor courts across South East Queensland. 

Once home to the Petrie Paper Mill, the site is now slated to become Moreton Bay’s Olympic Park. It will feature a purpose-built indoor stadium with at least 7,000 seats for hosting Olympic boxing events in 2032 and beyond.

Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre
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The project has received favourable recommendations and is proceeding with further investigations to increase the venue’s size. A Project Validation Report is underway to ensure the centre’s thriving design and functionality implementation.

Mayor Peter Flannery envisions the facility as a venue for the 2032 Olympics and a long-term asset for the region. Post-Olympics, the centre will continue to host major sporting events, concerts, and community gatherings, ensuring the enduring legacy of the Olympic spirit in Moreton Bay. 

Situated within The Mill, a 65-hectare mixed-use space, the centre aligns with the council’s vision to transform the area into a cultural hub supporting various community activities.

Formerly the site of the Petrie Paper Mill, this site has undergone significant redevelopment since its acquisition by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2015. With the establishment of USC Moreton Bay and the opening of a multi-million-dollar water park, the area has already begun to flourish. The addition of the Olympic Park further solidifies The Mill’s role as a focal point for community engagement and economic growth.

The announcement of the Olympics is anticipated to spur the development of supporting infrastructure, including roads and public transport, to accommodate the region’s growing population and enhance connectivity.

Published 25-March-2024

North Lakes Residents Warned Of Mosquito Surge

Moreton Bay residents, particularly those living in North Lakes and Strathpine are being warned to brace for mosquitoes as the warmer weather approaches. 

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The warning comes after ideal humid breeding conditions have led to an exponential explosion in mosquito numbers across South East Queensland. Mosquito season peaks in the region during the spring and summer months, typically from September through April when warmer weather allows the insects to thrive.

North Lakes and Strathpine have been previously identified as particularly severe hotspots showing intense mosquito activity. Residents in these areas have flooded officials with complaints as mosquitoes emerge in swarms.

Freshwater mosquitoes breed in water that has pooled beside roads, in reserves, parks, and yards (Photo credit:

Bloodsucking mosquitoes are already distressing many locals, swarming at unprecedented levels not seen in nearly two years, according to the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

“For the past 18 months, our weather conditions have resulted in fewer mosquitoes, which has been great for our residents. Unfortunately, our luck won’t last and we’re already seeing a higher visibility of these pests,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

The council ramped up mitigation efforts including increased light trapping, on-ground insecticide treatments, and public awareness campaigns targeting these hard-hit neighbourhoods. 

“Beyond taking to the skies, we’ve been installing light traps each week, starting barrier treatments around the Griffin and Mango Hill areas, and preparing fogging treatments in highly populated areas around Mango Hill, Griffin and North Lakes,” Mayor Flannery said. 

Experts say it’s not just mosquitoes on the rise – termites, ants, and flies are also reaching pest levels across South East Queensland following the wet weather. The combo of warmth and moisture is causing spikes in native insects that typically don’t pose issues at normal levels.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Photo credit: Michelangelo Buonarroti/Pexels
  • Use Repellent: Apply mosquito spray, especially at dusk/evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Dump Standing Water: Empty containers that allow mosquito breeding weekly, including plant dishes, buckets.
  • Set Up Fans: Position outdoor fans to blow air currents away, deterring mosquitoes from biting areas.
  • Apply Barrier Spray: Long lasting concentrates from hardware stores create mosquito-repelling barriers when professionally sprayed.
  • Take Multiple Precautions: Layer repellent, breeding prevention, air currents, and barrier sprays to minimise mosquito contact. Though difficult to fully avoid mosquito season, numbers will naturally fall as weather changes.

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Published 7-December-2023 

North Lakes Development Proposal Withdrawn Amidst Strong Community Opposition

The controversial plan for a retirement village and aged care facility on the former North Lakes golf course land has been abruptly withdrawn. 

This decision marks a significant chapter in the ongoing saga between The Village Retirement Group (TVRG), its subsidiary JH Northlakes Pty Ltd, and the Moreton Bay City Council, fueled by staunch community resistance.

The Proposed Development

TVRG aimed to transform the 67-hectare site into a mixed-use development, featuring up to 250 retirement homes and a 120-bed residential care home. The proposal (DA/2022/3732) included converting 46 hectares into public open space, with TVRG retaining a smaller portion for future plans. 

Despite arguments that the project aligned with council planning and addressed senior housing needs, public reaction was overwhelmingly negative. The plan faced vehement opposition from local residents, notably led by the Save North Lakes Golf Course (SNLGC) group. 

A record-breaking public consultation saw over 4,000 submissions, with a vast majority against the development. Concerns were raised about the project’s contradiction to existing planning rules and the potential impact on local amenities and the environment.

North Lakes
Photo Credit: SNLGC/Facebook

Council officers, echoing these concerns, recommended refusing the application. They found the proposal in direct conflict with the Development Control Plan (DCP), lacking sufficient planning grounds to override these conflicts.

The Eleventh-Hour Withdrawal

As the Moreton Bay City Council prepared to vote on the matter, TVRG unexpectedly pulled the proposal. 

“Council have just informed us that the Developer has just withdrawn their DA so it will not be decided. Therefore no vote tomorrow!!!!” the SNLGC group posted on their Facebook page.

Future of the Site

Whilst the withdrawal has been a victory for the opposition, the future of the site remains uncertain. TVRG’s managing director Justin Harrison, whilst not commenting on the withdrawal reasons, hinted that they are leaving the door open for potential future developments. The community remains vigilant. 

“It is disappointing, but we still hold the position that there is no better pathway that they can take if legislation changes, so let’s get a golf course back,” A spokesperson for SNLGC commented. 

Published 27-Nov-2023

Operation Victor Surface Underway to Curb Copper Wire Theft Across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay

A sweeping effort dubbed Operation Victor Surface is underway in the suburbs north of Brisbane and in Moreton Bay, as part of efforts to curb the rampant theft of copper wire across those areas.

The operation is enlisting the support of the public in reporting similar crimes in order to assist ongoing investigations.

On 4 Aug 2023, a targeted search warrant was executed at a property on Kinsellas Road in Mango Hill. During the operation, a substantial cache of allegedly stolen copper wire was uncovered. Notably, police also seized a variety of tools, a firearm, and registration plates from a shed on the premises.

A 47-year-old resident of Mango Hill was apprehended and subsequently charged with multiple offences. These include two counts each of copper theft, receiving stolen copper and tools, and possession of dangerous drugs (cannabis and diazepam).

Additionally, the suspect faces charges of possessing a Category A weapon (rifle), explosives (ammunition), and drug paraphernalia (pipe and scales), as well as three counts of stealing registration plates. The accused appeared at the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court on 15 Sept 2023.

In the wake of this apprehension, law enforcement also executed search warrants at addresses in Camira and South Brisbane on 12 and 15 August. During these operations, investigators uncovered stripped insulation materials and documents indicating the sale of over 1.9 tonnes of copper wire to metal recyclers over a six-week period. 

A 39-year-old Camira resident has also found himself facing a litany of charges, including entering premises and committing an indictable offence, fraud, stealing, possessing dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia, as well as various traffic-related matters. The accused remains in police custody, with his next court appearance set for 16 October in Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Similarly, a 38-year-old Karalee man found himself in custody, facing charges of four counts of entering premises and committing an indictable offence, possessing dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia, and various driving offences. He appeared at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on 15 September.

Furthermore, a 35-year-old South Brisbane resident has been charged with six counts of entering premises to commit an indictable offence, stealing, and fraud on 28 August. 

Operation Victor Surface investigators assert that the suspects apprehended in these operations have caused over $320,000 in damages and significant delays in various infrastructure projects across the greater Brisbane region. The theft of copper wire and other metals not only jeopardizes the safety of the thieves themselves but also poses substantial risks to legitimate workers and the wider community.

Law enforcement agencies are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any information related to copper thefts. They emphasize the importance of reporting anything that appears suspicious or out of place.

In a statement, Energex underscored the dangerous consequences of stealing copper and other equipment from the electricity network. Thieves have not only suffered injuries and fatalities but have also endangered innocent bystanders by leaving live sections of the high-voltage electricity network exposed.  

Additionally, the community has borne the financial burden of the necessary repairs following such thefts. Energex expressed their gratitude to the Queensland Police Service for their dedicated efforts in apprehending copper thieves.

Energex encourages the public to immediately report any suspicious activities around or damage to the electricity network, emphasizing the paramount importance of public safety and community well-being.

Operation Victor Surface represents an ongoing commitment to combat copper theft in the region, with authorities determined to address this perilous and costly criminal activity head-on.

Published 18-Sept-2023

$3 Million Wildlife Hospital Construction Project in Dakabin Addresses Urgent Wildlife Care Needs

To safeguard the region’s unique biodiversity and provide crucial care to native wildlife, a substantial parcel of land in Dakabin has been established for a dedicated wildlife hospital. 

The move comes as a response to the escalating impacts of human population growth on local ecosystems and the urgent need for a specialised care centre for injured and sick animals. The initiative is being spearheaded by the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital Foundation, which has already secured $1.5 million for the construction of the facility. 

A comprehensive business case has been meticulously prepared and submitted to the State Government, underlining the pressing requirement for such a facility in the region.

Presently, the absence of a dedicated wildlife hospital, between the RSPCA facility at Wacol and Australia Zoo at Beerwah, has resulted in animals having to endure up to two hours of travel time to receive critical medical care. Mayor Peter Flannery expressed deep concern over this situation, highlighting that Moreton Bay is the primary source of admissions for injured koalas to both RSPCA Wacol and Australia Zoo.

Mayor Flannery underscored the community’s obligation to protect native wildlife and emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to conservation. 

“Council is as serious about providing housing and infrastructure to accommodate a booming human population, as we are about the need to support our wildlife and wildlife carers,” he said.

He further urged the State Government to provide sustained funding to wildlife rescuers and carers in addition to the efforts being made to map koala habitats.

“This is a moment for tangible action rather than rhetoric. Protecting our natural assets requires financial commitment.”

The Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital Foundation, driven by a group of dedicated volunteers, has worked diligently to raise the necessary funds for the facility. Council’s provision of the land for the hospital serves as a crucial milestone in their journey to establish this vital institution. 

The hospital’s establishment will considerably reduce travel times for injured animals, enhancing their survival rates while alleviating pressure on carers and rescuers grappling with rising costs. Furthermore, the initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the mental health of those on the front lines of wildlife rescue.

Christine West, a representative from the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital, expressed gratitude for the council’s support, calling it a significant step toward providing essential care and rehabilitation for injured wildlife. West emphasized the hospital’s role in ensuring a brighter future for the region’s diverse fauna.

With the establishment of the Moreton Bay Wildlife Hospital on the horizon, the region is taking a significant stride toward safeguarding its wildlife and nurturing a sustainable coexistence between humans and the diverse fauna that call Moreton Bay home.

Published 29-Aug-2023

Moreton Bay Kitchen Has Recipe for Success, Award-Winning Chef Champions Local Produce

Moreton Bay Kitchen, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Deception Bay, has been making waves in the food industry with its delectable creations sourced from the abundant produce of the region. 

The restaurant’s commitment to using local ingredients not only resulted in a thriving business but also earned them the prestigious Award for Food & Agribusiness Excellence at the 2023 Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards held on 7 July 2023.

Founded in 2019 by the visionary and globally acclaimed chef, Suzie Albu, Moreton Bay Kitchen has carved a niche in the region’s food scene. Suzie’s culinary journey took her across continents and garnered several accolades for her innovative use of locally sourced produce while living in the countryside of the UK.

The secret to Suzie’s success lies in her unwavering dedication to supporting local farmers and small-scale suppliers. Through her extensive network, she utilizes resources like the Open Food Network and Reko Ring to find unique and healthy ingredients. 

Whether it’s crafting Moreton Bay Bug tortellini for a romantic Valentine’s Day menu or serving up a simple yet delightful plate of fish and chips, Suzie’s dishes have gained a loyal following due to their authentic flavors and the knowledge that they are made using fresh ingredients straight from the bay.

Suzie’s passion for championing lesser-known produce is evident in every aspect of Moreton Bay Kitchen’s operation and it’s motivated by her desire to provide “fantastic food for all sorts of people.” 

But the restaurant’s dedication to supporting local businesses extends beyond their own kitchen. Moreton Bay Kitchen is actively involved in the Reko crew, a network that promotes and strengthens local businesses. Suzie firmly believes that using local produce not only benefits her establishment but also contributes to the prosperity of the entire community.

The recognition for Food & Agribusiness Excellence at the Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards has left Suzie and her team ecstatic. Moreton Bay Kitchen’s commitment to sustainability, passion for elevating local produce, and the artistry of its talented chef have combined to create a recipe for success that continues to captivate the palates of food enthusiasts and critics alike. 

Follow them on Facebook for more updates. 

Published 16-July-2023

Moreton Bay Residents Invited to Provide Input on New Flight Path Changes

Residents in Moreton Bay are being given the opportunity to provide their input on six proposed flight paths that could impact the area via a public consultation process at the Deception Bay Community Hall. 

Scheduled for Monday, 16 May 2023 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the main hall of the Deception Bay Community Hall in Raymond Tce, the public consultation forms part of a wider initiative by Airservices Australia to optimize airspace usage and improve air traffic management.

Currently, airplanes take off from both runways over water when the wind is coming from the north. The other route sends airplanes higher, nearly 5,000 feet above the existing crossing location, over Moreton Bay so they can acquire more altitude before crossing the coastline over greenery south of Thornlands.

Though there are efforts to make daylight use possible, Simultaneous Opposite Direction Runway Operations (SODPROPS) at night is now the preferred operating mode. Aircraft fly into the new runway over Moreton Bay and depart from the legacy runway over Moreton Bay in this mode’s arrival and departure operations over water.

Photo Credit: Airservices Australia

The proposed flight paths would potentially affect residents in at least 23 communities across Brisbane. The changes aim to improve efficiency and safety for aircraft while minimizing the noise and environmental impacts on the surrounding communities.

Airservices Australia CEO Jason Harfield stated that the proposed flight path changes would be subject to community engagement prior to implementation. 

“These community engagement sessions will help Airservices identify preferred options for further investigation and potential implementation,” said Mr Harfield. 

“Airservices wants to ensure it is a transparent process, which demonstrates the organization’s commitment to improving noise outcomes for the Brisbane community, where safe and operationally feasible.”

The public consultation period has been running for several weeks across suburbs, and the final decision on the flight paths will be based on a range of factors, including safety, efficiency, and community impact.

Published 11-May-2023

New Masterplanned Community North Of Narangba Aims For 6-star Green Star Rating

Kinma Valley, Moreton Bay’s newest masterplanned community, is aiming for a six-star Green Star rating with more than 30 percent of the project to be dedicated to open space.

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A project of Lendlease, the upcoming $500 million community targets the highest green star rating by incorporating green surroundings with sustainable innovations and conserving flora and fauna in the region. 

“We will focus on recycling in the construction of Kinma Valley. Mature trees will be relocated, where possible, to provide shade along the streetscapes while facilitating a tailored approach to managing local waterways, which treat stormwater naturally while adding to the area’s beauty,” Lendlease said.

Kinma Valley (Photo credit:

To ensure that the masterplan respects the habitats of native wildlife and provides environments for them to thrive, developers have also worked with ecologists, environmental consultants and leading koala experts. 

Green Star communities provide a rigorous and holistic rating across five impact categories–governance, liveability, economic prosperity, environment, and innovation. 


The 234ha site will feature a total of 2,500 lots and is set to be home to over 6,500 residents upon completion, which is estimated to be after 10 to 15 years.

Situated in Narangba within the Moreton Bay region, the new community will have six existing local schools which will support the area, 6km of cycle/pedestrian trails, and a 31-ha central park.

Developers will be repurposing a large house on site which will become the Neighbourhood Hub.

Photo credit: Kinma Valley/Facebook

Designed by Brisbane-based Vokes and Peters, the 3,000sqm neighbourhood hub will be a place for locals to catch up, have a coffee, and enjoy the connected environment in which they live.

According to Lendlease, early buyers included everyone from young families and first home buyers to empty nesters and retirees. Many of the first residents were actually single females attracted by affordability and the chance to get a foot on the home ownership ladder.

North Lakes Property Market Hits Half-Million Dollar Median

Property prices may be soaring in a lot of areas but in some Brisbane and Moreton Bay suburbs like North Lakes, home buyers and investors can have the best of both worlds — a house in a family-friendly, upwardly mobile community located in a growth market, for a budget of a little above $500,000.

Since the establishment of North Lakes in 2006, home values have risen at a stable pace as new developments and construction meet the demands of an upwardly mobile community. From July 2020 to June 2021, the property market for houses grew by a modest but stable 1.52% despite lockdown challenges, per data from Property Market Updates. 

Whilst the increase is quite modest compared to the performance of other suburbs in this region, North Lakes’ sales volume reached 558 properties within an average market 35 days on market. 

A median house price of half a million dollars is still within reach for families or single-income first-home buyers. For this amount, buyers can have a house with spacious rooms in a pleasant community for a growing family or for retirement. Most homes in North Lakes are new designs,  typical of many housing developments in Moreton Bay. 

Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

Unit Price Growth

North Lakes’ apartment market did better than the housing market for the period ending June 2021 with a growth of 6.41 percent. Though typically attractive to downsizers and retirees, the unit market has also lured professionals who are either owner-occupiers or renting out their properties to cash in on currently brisk demand. The current unit median price sits at $377,750,  with 86 properties sold within an average of 60 days. 

Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

About North Lakes

Photo Credit: Google Maps

A dynamic suburb like North Lakes has plenty of things going on, with cycle and walking tracks as well as parks for the children. It is a short drive to the local shops and a 13-km drive to Redcliffe for a weekend at the beach. This suburb has a countryside vibe but it’s close to essential facilities. 

“I have lived in North Lakes for about 6 years and it has developed a lot in that time. Everything is here. Big Westfield and lots and lots of shops, swimming schools and pools, library, good schools and daycares and there are nice walking tracks. It’s very suburban.”

shhhm, Homely

“I have been here for 15 months and now building a home on the golf course. It is a great family area that has a diverse range of ‘localities’ although all sit under the North Lakes suburb. Yes, there are high-density pockets and units however these are just part of a well-planned diverse community.”

markm48, Homely

“I just moved to Sunjoy Pl North Lakes from Kootangal Cr Ferny Hills after 10 years and I cannot stress enough how sooner I wish I had moved here. There are parks and greenery everywhere and it’s all maintained daily. It has everything I could ever possibly need with the Westfield just in town and plethora of other big names.”

Caseytain, Homely

Backyard Fire Pits: Public Consultation Opens as Moreton Bay Reviews Local Law

Backyard fire pits and outdoor barbeques might be appealing for some residents, especially when the autumn weather brings crisp, cool winds and brisk weather. Moreton Bay Regional Council is conducting a review of the local law prohibiting the use of backyard fire pits, in order to set a new standard for the benefit of the community in North Lakes and other suburbs in the region.

Currently, Moreton Bay Regional Council prohibits the lighting or maintaining of backyard fire pits or outdoor fires in properties with an allotment of less than 3,000 square metres, except if the fire is enclosed or contained in a pit, cooking device or fireplace.

As much as possible, locals may also only use clean, dry and non-toxic combustible materials for burning and the pit must also be completely “wetted down” or extinguished after use. Any resident lighting fires in the open is expected to inform their neighbours at least 48 hours before, either verbally or through a written message.  

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The law on backyard fire pits also requires a responsible person to be “in attendance” at all times until the fire is out. 

The Council disallows the lighting of fires before 7:00 a.m. and at dusk, whilst fire pits at public lands, such as parks or beaches, are generally prohibited unless a written approval has been secured.

Residents who might have issues with the current law have until 30 June 2021 to submit their suggestions, comments and ideas about backyard fire pits, as well as 40 other local laws through the online survey or through email at Also up for review are the Local Laws on animal control, advertising signs, public land activities, festivals and events, overgrown lawns, parking and community gardens.